[Suggestion] Paladin minor glyphs for seals

I searched and didn't see a previous topic for this, so please, if I overlooked it, LMK. :)

I obtained the Glyph of Armors on my mage the other day, and liked the fact that my armor spell ran out at the same time as my Arcane Brilliance. When I decided to start leveling this paladin to 85 next, I noticed that all the minor glyphs for seals do is cut their mana cost in half. Why couldn't these be changed to do the same thing as Glyph of Armors? I know I'd enjoy having Blessing of Might AND Seal of Truth for a full hour. Just something on my mind I thought I'd share.
Not to knock your idea (any idea to make our minor glyphs better is welcome), but I think both minor glyph ideas are pretty lame/useless relative to some other classes' glyphs.

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