Holy Pally Advice For Arena

First time doing HPally for arenas and need help on the following before I jump into it:

-What gems should I use?
-What enchants should I use?
-How should I be reforging my gear?
-Suggestions on my talent tree

Lastly, any keys tips I should be doing/focused on (if you have any.)

Much appreciated!
I too am looking at jumping into PVP for the first time with Holy, and I'm also looking for advice on the same subjects.

I'm currently stacking as much Resilience as possible (gems and enchants). I'm just waiting for the first person to say "OMG why so much resilience noob?!!?"

I honestly don't know if resilience is as important as I'm gearing it.

For PVE I've seen INT > HASTE > MASTERY > SPIRIT > CRIT is it different for PVP?

High spell cost, low sustainable healing throughput, long cast times. I don't see holy or healers for that matter as an option for arena's this season or next if you want to go above 1500.
Even though "Holy isn't viable for arenas" and "I'm better off going prot" I'd still like to give holy a shot in arenas. I have no probelm just trying out different stat builds and exploring what works best for me. I was just hoping that someone might have some insight they could share with me on geming/enchanting for Holy.

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