Stop making us worse! - Holy

Our mana-efficient spells are too small for the damage that groups are taking. Our instant casts are both inefficient and too small. And our big heals suck our mana pool dry in no time and there isn't a DAMN THING anyone can do about it. Being an OOM healer is NOT fun, especially when there is nothing you can do about it.

The difference between good and bad healers is the ability to use certian heals when necessary. Ofcourse you will run oom spamming flash of light/Divine light and Holy light won't keep people alive through everything, but people just need to learn how to use what's needed when it's needed. If you still dislike how everything is working, healing is just not for you.
idk what u ppl are talking about my healing gear sucks yet i still heal pretty good i almost always have 60-70%+ mana at the end of most fights...even without cc...
Exactly... Everyone is doing about the same if not less dps and even the easiest of raid bosses have like double the HP that Heroic LK did.... And we are doing less dps and healers go oom faster.

Seems like blizzard made the game hard by making all of the classes suck... 0.0
To those of you who have said judge it helps...
I judge ALL the time, along with melee attacking ALL the time whenever I am not healing.
I pop Divine Plea every chance i get for the little bit of mana it provides.
As for Holy Power I Holy Shock literally every single opportunity I get. Having a decent heal that cost 0 mana is awesome. Or Light of Dawn if you need a light AoE heal out.
Often times people sit at -80k HP (I dont run %'s)
Because the tank is taking enough damage and the rest of my group is not.

Obviously my gear is not the best. Duh. Regardless...
The mana issues should not be this large this early...

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