Paladin tanking... I need some teaching, lol

I've leveled this guy completely as holy / ret, but I keep hearing such awful horror stories about how hard healing is now at 85, and I've always wanted to try out prot for tanking, so I'm hoping you guys could outline the basics of tanking as a paladin.

I'm basically wanting to know what skills I'd be using to initiate hate and then hold on to it. My only tanking experience thus far is a level 28 warrior, but I consider my playing skill to be somewhat above the 'noob' level, so any pointers would be appreciated!
Xayton's tank guide is a good place to start

Once you're done with that, you can go over to and read Digren's and Theck's threads in basic/advanced training.

Important things to learn:
939 rotation
Gearing methodology

As a side-note, I'm not sure who you heard these horror stories from regarding healing on a paladin, but I've been told quite the opposite by every paladin healer I've met. To my understanding, PvE holy is ridiculously easy at this time.
Cool thanks, I'll definitely check out those links. It's also good to hear some positive things about pally healing!
Righteous Fury is a good thing. I've mained Ret since release, and when I go to tank, I STILL occasionally forget that it exists.

Glyphed SoT will help you not miss so much. Consecrate between CC'd targets and your CCers on pulls, HoR two or more targets on CD, CS solo targets, never use SoR without 3 HoPo. Never be afraid to use cooldowns. 3 mins is not that long of a wait. I'll blow em on every trash pull if it's gonna speed up the run by helping the healer out.

After that, you've easily got threat managed. Now you just gotta get out there and pull and learn how to position mobs. Reading up on boss abilities and how to manage those help a great deal too.
What pisses off most DPS'ers more than anything (other than not holding aggro). Is that on unneeded mobs the tank grabs aggro and then runs around aimlessly kiting for no reason. That means melee DPS'ers have to run around and chase without knowing where exactly the tank is going and why he's doing it. You pull outside of AOE spells, you pulls the group outside the range of totems, etc. It's just dumb. Kite on bosses you need to, on those you don't then don't. A rogue attacking from behind is far more effective than a rogue chasing a boss around without reason.
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Righteous Fury is a good thing.

Mods like ThreatPlates can help you to easily identify which mobs you have aggroed and which ones you don't.
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Mods like ThreatPlates can help you to easily identify which mobs you have aggroed and which ones you don't.

This x 1000. Best tool for tanking imo.
anymore as a Tank you have to keep on the move as soem of the new encounters if you hold still you are done for. I have been at the wrong end of 110k blast from a heroic boss because DPS whined about me moving around too much.

Vindication and Reckoning are a must now as well. I dropped my ret for Holy pve/pve and still thinking some things over about wether i want to continue tanking or not as holy has become ridiculously easy.

Do as you will but as a tank if anyone of these dps cry you are moving tell them to go read the encounters and get out of the group.

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