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Atm i am running 2s with a rogue. I am specced as ret but have specced into selfless healer and stuff like that. I plan to do 3s with a rdruid/rogue/pally. My question to yall is if I should go prot instead of ret. I would lose the selfless healer but i feel my damage would go way up. Please link a prot pvp talent spec if u believe I should go prot.
I'm actually doing a 2v2 with a rogue right now as ret, and I'm loving it.
It's crazy how fast we can burn someone down while having the other cc'ed.

I honestly wouldn't ever switch to prot from ret, but that's your call.
viable comps for 2s,

1. Ret/Rogue
2. Ret/Mage
3. Ret/Rsham
4. Ret/Arms Warr ( can work imo )


prots aweful

/hits like button
I am running Ret/Demo Lock and we are having some moderate success. I could see us hitting 2k once we get the gear to match it.
Thank you...i wanted to stay ret anyway because of the cool 2h mace lol

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