A temp fix for Pallies stuck in raid queues

Has anyone tried to gather up some frustrated Paladins to form an all Paladin raid group?

I know some all Paladin groups were very successful in TBC and WOTLK. I've seen some ridiculous all Paladin groups destroy raids.

I know talents have changed, but if you get 5 or 10 talented paladins, you should be able to clear some content.

I'm thinking a couple of prots, 2-3 holy, and 6-5 rets.

Yes, I know damage will be low, but the amount of Aoe Damage and healing should be pretty interesting. I might try to get some Pallies together on Azuremyst.

If anything, it should be fun to try. better than standing around queuing.
1. Get gear
2. Join raiding guild
3. No longer wait in queues
4. ???
a 5man heroic all pally group would be fun: it would totally work.

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