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Can someone help I logged out of WoW and then I try again but i can't get back in and it says Error 2316.
Internet is fine.
Please Help!
Same here, logged out, and now can't log back in. Getting error 2316.
Same here... any solutions so far?
Me too
woe, me too. Must be a Blizz server catastrophy. We all had this happen at the same time.
me too
i have the same thing i can log on my other accts that are lvl 60 only but cata acct i cant
same thing was logged in then took a break only to come back and get 2316 error????
12/23/2010 1:41 AMPosted by Ashrynth
Same here, logged out, and now can't log back in. Getting error 2316.

Ditto, seems a lot of people are having this problem as there are several threads about it some with multiple pages. Honestly not upset here but it would be nice to see one blue post that at least acknowledges that they know about the issue and are looking into it. So far I have only seen one blue post who pretty much said “it’s not us it’s you.” ~.^
pheew im not the only one.. i tried with 2 diffrent accounts.. same thing..
it seems somrthing to do with the log in server as all realms are up
go figure
right before christmas lol i have the same error

i believe its the authentication servers, as i have an account without an authenticater and i can log into that one just fine
unfortunately they wont respond because its been like this for almost an hour now ....apparently no blues are in atm
so i have seen
good to know if you threaten or use a racial slur they will address it though just not if it pertains to getting what you pay for
Aw, mang. And I was 'pwning'.

Oh wells. Guess I'll go wrap presents for my daughter.
pshh. i thought it was something i did.
ISP: iiNet<br/>Location: Australia

Okay, fine, I'll go play Rock Band 3 for awhile. :-P
Same problem here... :(

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