BIS Fire Mage Trinkets

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I would like to hear some opinions on what currently are the best trinkets for a level 85 fire mage before raids. Lots of people have been telling me Heroic Sorrowsong is BIS for fire. Popping timewarp after 35% to benefit from molten fury and sorrowsong proc seems like a smart idea. But does it really pull maximum dps? What two heroic trinkets are the best? Ignoring the need to achieve hit cap, just focusing on pure dps. If anyone could answer this for me that would be grealy appreciated.
Check out Gale of Shadows from Heroic Erudax in Grim Batol
From a pure DPS perspective (ignoring hit, since Anhuur's Hymnal is awesome).

Witching Hourglass
Gale of Shadows / Tendrils of the Burrowing Dark

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