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We share game information in a variety of locations, and one of the newest is @WarcraftDevs on Twitter. To help keep you updated on all the notable posts going out from that account, we’ll be copying them here for your enjoyment! Keep watching this thread, and follow us at @WarcraftDevs.
@holinka @WarcraftDevs I guess the battlemaster HP numbers on the PTR are bigger than intended?

Correct. The number on the PTR is higher than intended.
@WarcraftDevs does deactivating a follower strip the gear?

As others have said, follower upgrades will remain after being deactivated/activated.

We should also mention you can upgrade followers who are currently deactivated.
@WarcraftDevs Are the BRF garrison missions going to be available on Tue/Wed this week? Or only when 6.1 goes live?

Blackrock Foundry missions will become available after Patch 6.1 goes live.
@WarcraftDevs @Celestalon will there be another change wave to BRF trinkets like there was for any 6.0 trinket or are they final?

No changes are currently planned but we will be watching out for any that may need adjustments.
So Shaman loot spec on PTR shows both Mail and Leather gear available according to dungeon/raid journal. cc @warcraftdevs

Thank you for the heads up! It's a bug we're aware of and working on addressing as quickly as we can.
@WarcraftDevs I keep getting leather gear from the foundry cache as an elemental shaman on ptr

Thank you for the report! We're aware of this issue and working on getting it corrected.
@WarcraftDevs PTR build 19551 does not have the change to "Enhanced Chain Lightning" that makes my next Earthquake instant cast.

We're hoping to have this addressed in the next build on the PTR, so please test it and let us know!
@WarcraftDevs @Celestalon Enveloping Mist healing for ~33% less on PTR. Is this intentional or a bug? No mention of it in patch notes.

It's a bug which we're hoping to have corrected in an upcoming build.
@WarcraftDevs Holy Prism often breaks my Polymorph in arena, since it bounces to nearby enemies. Is this intended or a design flaw?

Intended. It's designed to do damage to other enemies in the immediate area.
@Celestalon @WarcraftDevs On PTR Tiger Palm Strike does 55% more dmg then on live = blackout kick < 2 TPS = more complex rotation, intended?

We appreciate the thorough testing! This is indeed a bug which we'll fix as quickly as possible.
I'd honestly sacrifice an army of Gnomes & Gnomeregan for a pair of heirloom fist weapons. Why did they remove BG's ones? :( @WarcraftDevs

Brawler's Guild heirloom fist weapons are back in Patch 6.1!
@WarcraftDevs Will Stage 3 crafted items retain their color shift if an iLvl 680 upgrade token is used?

There are currently no plans to visually change items that go from stage 3 to stage 4.
@WarcraftDevs What are the requirments to get into mythic BRF will the raid need to have killed heroic blackhand ? Thanks

No boss kill requirements necessary. Mythic will be locked for the first week, then open to anyone after; same as Highmaul.
@Bashiok Speaking of the coin, can we coin the mount from Rukhmar?

The mount from Rukhmar cannot be obtained through a bonus roll, only through a direct loot of the corpse.
For the New Garrison Visitors in 6.1, do they only spawn in Level 3 Town Halls? Currently it seems that way on PTR @WarcraftDevs

Correct, new visitors will only show up in Garrisons that have been upgraded to level 3.
.@WarcraftDevs Any chance we will soon be able to use our cooking skill with the fires places in the Garrison Inns? Seems odd that we can't.

Yes, this is fixed in 6.1; you'll be able to use them for cooking in the T2 & T3 Horde/Alliance Inns, and Alliance Town Hall.
@WarcraftDevs not sure how I feel about Lil' Hogger being a retroactive reward for an event you can't do anymore.

That's old data we plan to fix in the next PTR build. We're not sure yet if/when Hogs will be obtainable or from what source.

RE: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16202170847?page=3#60
@WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev 9 Elemental Runes from Gruul Normal versus 27 from Gruul Heroic. Is BRF intended to be diff. than HM WRT drop #'s?

There’s always a chance to get extra Runes like how you might get Clusters in Highmaul; same chance all difficulties.
@WarcraftDevs Garrison Campaign: Will it continue in 6.1, or will we have to wait until 6.2 for its continuation?

The Garrison Campaign will continue in Patch 6.2. There are many other types of outdoor content coming in Patch 6.1.

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