Everyone in here will get banned, dare you

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Post, you will get banned. I dare you. Post if you are brave. You think you might get banned? Test it.
here i am
More like my post will be deleted along with this thread but not banned.
I have my doubts.
I ain't scared of NUTHIN
yes please i hope for ban

maybe then i'll alt+tab less and win more BG's
I fear that I cannot for I would be most bereft if I could not spend my time as a pedagogue in GD.
I am going under
All of you are banned, BANNED I SAY!! from my state and if by chance you live in my state then you are banned from leaving.
I dare you
Banned eh?
Come at me?

Your presence will linger here and it won't leave me alone
Is this one of those "share in the next 10 min or ur true love will die" chain thingies?
It might actually be nice to take a break from all the crazy people and the tin foil hats.
I like trains.

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