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Hi ive looked around and it has been said that shadowtome offhand can be upgraded using mystical and glorious crystals, however when i try to apply it in game it will not work, wth is going on?
Any answers?
I would like an answer too. I have the same error.
Same issue.
tried tarots aswell just incase and nothing
Looks like I am joining the club. Anyone put in a ticket regarding this?
Happening to me as well. Says shadowtome is invalid when I try to use mystical crystal on the shadowtome ilvl 630.
Same issue
Also experiencing the issue. Cannot upgrade my Shadowtome of the Peerless (ilvl 630) using a Mystical Crystal. Neither relogging nor restarting WoW helped.
Pretty please?
I am having the same issue. You can see my Shadowtome when you click my profile. I have a Mystical Crystal and when I try to use it, my toon says "I can't use that."
This is a known issue, please report in game so they will get on it and fix it. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?
I submitted a bug report this morning. I suggest everyone does too. Strength in numbers.
I submitted a ticket asking for a refund of the items used on making the crystal If it takes them a week to fix the bug (which is when it was first reported at this point) then that's not particularly helpful in this case, especially when so many resources went into crafting it. Hopefully they will refund my materials.
Any attempt to submit a ticket for a bug made me go to the forum.
A Blizz rep contacted me and reversed the crafting of the Mystical Crystal as I requested, returning the materials used in crafting it to me. I was able to submit a ticket by choosing the "Restoration" option in the help menu. (As in, please restore my materials I used to craft this broken item). I'll keep an eye on future patch notes but as it is unknown how long this is going to take to fix I'll probably reinvest my Savage Bloods into a different upgrade. Not my first choice, but it seems to be the best one I have right now.
Ugh.. I really don't want to do that.. I already had to get a material reversal just a week ago from accidentally crafting the crystal instead of tarot and it took 3 days to get a response.
Why won't they just fix it? They just had a maintenance shutdown. Jeez, Blizz... really?

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