Achievement - They Really Love Me!

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So, for everyone who's trying to get this achievement, its badly designed. I just spent 1h45 and 76 charges in a pre-made group, and the group disbanded when it was my turn. I request that the achievement be changed to using 50 charges on people. This is ridiculous. I hope I don't have to spend 50 more min to get that toy...I will keep my ticket open until I get the toy, please post here if you are in the same situation and are unsatisfied with this achievement, and request sticky for the post, thanks <3!

For what it's worth, here is a screenshot:

Sorry for spelling, English is my 2nd language.
As long as they fix it before the event ends...
I've been in a group for quite a while, and I'm still like 8th in line. It goes sooo slow and I'm afraid this group will disband before I get to my turn...
Thank you for your support guys, spread the word to your friends, guilds, communities and servers, we need to have as many people as possible in order to make our point relevant in order for blizzard to possibly address it. You guys seem to be both eager achievement players, and never I have seen an achievement with such a potential unsatisfaction. I don't mind wiping 100-400 wipes to a mythic boss in order to succeed, but when you put the work and sometime more then what would be needed to complete this achievement and end up not having it because of unfair an unpredictable situations, that point out to a design flaw in the achievement itslef. Open tickets, reopen them until you get the toy, or at least a more appropriate way to obtain it if you didn't invested yourself yet to obtain the toy/achievement.

Peace and have fun in BrF!
100% agree. needs to be nerfed.

no holiday achievement should require this much time and this many people.
I am not touching that achievement with a ten-foot pole. Too many people, too much time. They will have to nerf it at some point. This is worst than being in a queue for Nok-Karrosh.
The achievement is flawed. The idea is great but honestly you're expecting 50 people, GROWN ADULTS in most cases, to take *turns* doing something and *wait* for their turn.

Loot list groups for trash farming fall apart because of this
Nok farming groups for Garn Nighthowl fell apart because of this in the beginning of the expansion

Quite honestly, I don't remember you guys having an achievement like this before.

Please QUICKLY reconsider the achievement to be like the following

First achievement - one person focusing you
Second achievement - FIVE people focusing you
Third achievement - TEN PEOPLE focusing you and you're DONE.

This makes this achievement doable within a small group of friends and a few pugs from LFD/Trade and of course guilds could do this before boss pulls for fun and to help their raiders get more points.

As someone who has taken a pretty decent bit of their time dealing with achievements, I genuinely don't think this is a *fair* achievement.

Yeah, granted, it's the SECOND day of the event - doesn't matter. You want 50 people to work in unison for ONE persons achievement and wait HOURS? Come on, Blizzard. You're better than that.
Requesting a blue post by 1PM EST or is coming into play. (Literally not a threat)
Yeah this is kind of silly and not very fun..
Genuinely, I feel disrespected as a player.
My favorite part was the hotfix to increase the cooldown on the Love Prism.

Seriously, what the hell was that designer thinking with this horrible achievement?
02/03/2015 06:08 AMPosted by Motaak
My favorite part was the hotfix to increase the cooldown on the Love Prism.

Seriously, what the hell was that designer thinking with this horrible achievement?

Right? Like who hurt you so bad that you're doing this on a 2-week string of love?
Couldn't care less anymore.
The hotfix to increase the CD on the Manufactured Love Prism blows my mind. Really, the whole thing baffles me. I can only hope the 10-second duration on the buff is unintentionally short, though I would think that would be caught before making things more difficult with the CD increase.

If the achievement was only to get 10 or 25 stacks, I could see this as being a reasonable, if boring, process. Gather 11 or 26 people via the group finder, take turns all channeling on a person at a time. Someone leave in the middle of the process? No problem, just pull in someone new and tack them onto the list, since the prism has 50 charges. Getting the toy for a group of 26 would take 30 minutes max (accounting for people being slow with activating the prism, etc.), which isn't an unreasonable investment of time, nor too long to expect a basic level of coordination.

The requirement for 50 stacks is insane, with the current CD and duration. Can the group-finder even create a group larger than 40? I may have my math wrong, but perfect coordination for any group size to achieve this for everyone would require everyone have a full 50 charges on their prism, right? I guess the toy could be used once every five rounds, once it's achieved, but, still -- one misuse or one slow activation of the prism is going to leave someone without the toy and with a lot of frustration, if not multiple people.

It needs changed in some way. I don't think a redesign of the achievement would be possible through a hotfix, but either a lower CD, or a longer buff duration, or both is needed to make this achievement reasonable.
Still hoping a blue posts here
I too do not understand the design intention behind this achievement. So you want me to go farm 40 tokens (not too difficult, granted), so I can go buy a limited charge item, that I then use on other people to help them get the achievement, and get nothing for myself. And not only that, but you hotfixed it from a 30 second cooldown to a 60 second to require even more people? Huh?

Maybe in the Wrath heyday of the game something like this would have worked, when cities were busy, and guilds were full. But in today's game I don't even know where I would find the people to help with this. The only idea I have is LFG, but the chance of someone getting the achievement and then bailing on everyone else is extremely high, unfortunately. And then you have to bring in new people, and it would just be a never ending cycle. Oh did I mention the item has 50 charge limit, so there's a good chance you would need two?

I'm not sure what can be done via hotfixes before the event is over. Decrease the cooldown on the item and increase the duration of the buff might help, but really not even. Even if one person could use all fifty charges on another.. I'd have to ask my wife to go farm tokens so she can get me the achievement. Again, huh?

I'd say that you reward the toy to anyone who has the Manufactured Love Prism on them (since they spent 40 tokens on it) and call it a day for this year. And redesign the achievement for next year.
The reality is that if you join a full raid to do this in list order, you're probably not going to be getting your toy before your own charges run out — and that's if you're lucky enough to keep a full raid throughout the process, and people don't deliberately break the chain at 38 stacks or so, and the raid leader isn't just keeping track of the first ten or so people, leaving everybody else in the lurch after they've been there for half an hour.

Everything about this achievement (and the recent change in particular) is decidedly user-unfriendly, mean-spirited and just not fun. I can only assume the developer responsible for this grinching of the Valentine's Day holiday was very recently dumped, and in response chose to take out their frustrations by punishing the playerbase. :P

This is the kind of thing you should be able to achieve by having fun hanging around in town, running about and shooting love beams/rainbows at random people while they do the same; it shouldn't require forming a line and marching along in order to tick off a checklist like you're in some dull cold-war-era bread line.
Chiming in to say that this is just miserable achievement design. Something needs to be changed. The hotfix increasing the cooldown is absolutely mind-boggling.
If you want to keep it at 10, 25 and 50 so bad, at least drop the cooldown to 10 seconds or something, make it a debuff that stacks so it's VISIBLE to everyone. Get an intern.
this is honestly one of the worst achievements ever

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