H <Impulse> Tues&Wed 7:30-10:30 LFM

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<Impulse> is an adult-oriented progression raiding guild that aims to tackle current content while maintaining a friendly and fun atmosphere. The large majority of our raid team has been with us for a long time and we are looking for individuals who are able to fit into our guild's culture.

Our usual raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 10:30 EST (server time). 75%+ attendance is expected of all of our raiders, although we do understand that RL takes precedence over WoW.

We are looking for people who are ready to stand up to the challenge of heroics. These are people who are dedicated enough to do a bit of class/ fight research on their own time, and are likely to switch talents based on what is needed in the fight. These are also people who look to improve their performance every raid night.

We will also accept casual players into our ranks. If you're looking for a fun, friendly community who stays in touch throughout the day even outside of the game and plays other games together, we're the guild for you! Get in touch with us :)

Currently, we are actively recruiting DPS players.

If you are interested, please contact an officer in-game.

Prior Progression:

FL: 1/7 Old Heroic
DS: 4/8 Old Heroic
MSV: 6/6 Old Normal
HoF: 6/6 Old Normal
ToES: 4/4 Old Normal
ToT: 12/12 Old Normal
SoO: 10/14 Old Heroic
HM: 7/7 H
BRF: 10/10 H
HFC: 13/13 H
EN: 7/7 H
ToV: 3/3 H
NH: 10/10 H
ToS: 9/9 H
Antorus: 11/11 H
Come join us for Blackrock Foundry!
Good group of people come apply to be my replacement!
Had lots of fun in Blackrock Foundry tonight, come join us tomorrow night!
We are a fun team to raid with, you should try us... :)
Yes, like I said, you should come raid with us!!
I'm interested!
Kristinâ, fill out an application on our website and we'll get back to you :)

Last night we figured out the rolling phase of Oregorger and downed him, then went and one-shot Hans & Franz! Come join us for more progression on Sunday!
Anyone interested should complete an application on our website

Website: http://zuljinsimpulse.enjin.com
We went to Highmaul and were 7/7 heroic, in SoO we went 10/14 heroic/mythic. in BrF we started normals and killed 4 bosses and going for more. We're the kind of guild you want to be in. Some of us are fun, some are dead serious or just dead. Either way you'd enjoy the atmosphere and the killing of pixels galore.
What Bbads said :)
We killed Flamebender Ka'graz last night and had an 8% wipe on Operator before we ran out of time. We're having a good time learning the mechanics while we get ready for heroic BRF. If you're interested, apply on our website!
Still looking to recruit for another week of progression content. Get in touch with us!
Heading back into BRF tonight! Apply and come join us!
Our best pull on Operator Thogar was 55,000 to 0%. Unbelievable! We'll be heading back in there tomorrow to finish him off and then turn our eyes towards Kromog. Interested in raiding in a fun environment? Come check us out!
Looking for more!
So we downed Thogar (train boss!) tonight and went to Kromog and downed him too! Next stop: Blast Furnace. If you're interested in raiding with a great group of people, get in touch with us on our website!
We're going to be working on Blast Furnace tonight. We have two new recruits who will be joining us, but we could still use a strong healer. Apply today!
We did some work on Blast Furnace last night, what a wild encounter that is. We managed to get the first phase figured out and by the end of the night we were starting to get the second phase under control, but there's still more work to be done! There were a lot of wipes but wipes are all part of learning the fight and understanding the mechanics. If you don't mind wiping (as long as we're still making improvements), send in an application today.
As we're getting ready for another week in BRF, we're still looking to recruit a healer to join our group of healers. We have an excellent group of healers who will make you work hard to try to beat them on the meters. If you're up to the challenge, put in an application on our website. We have two new recruits starting tomorrow already!

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