H <Impulse> Tues&Wed 7:30-10:30 LFM

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Still recruiting all classes.
Still looking for more!
Just got done killing Heroic Coven! Few pulls on Agrammar, come play with us!
Still recruiting :)
Heroic Agrammar went down yesterday evening and we had time for 45 mins of Argus pulls. Come fight with us ^^
Offed Heroic Argus yesterday! Was much easier than Coven.

Come with us!
Still looking for them dps! Yesterday we got heroic argus down for the second time!
We're still recruiting for BFA. We're not using website anymore, just contact one of us ingame or answer in this very thread.

Right now we mostly need range dps.
About 2 weeks left for BFA!
A week to go!!
Raid in 2 weeks !
Would be interested to chat with you, mind adding me? Ashes#1276
Add me Coffecake#1363 we can chat when you have time
Sorry I haven’t responded to you sooner. I’ll be ingame tonight if still interested.
Still recruiting dps of any spec, with preference to dk, rogue and warlock.

We are now 5/8 heroic Uldir. Doing pulls on heroic Zul tonight.
Zul is dead... again. Come raid with us :)
Always on the look out for more!

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