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Bleeding Hollow
Hello everyone! Its your friendly and most trusted multi-millionaire Trading Card Game dealer around! I have sold our community over 6 million gold worth of Mounts, Pets & Toys and have made over $5,000 via Ebay sales. Many players can vouch for my legitimacy.

Recently I have acquired a Factory Sealed Case of Crown of the Heavens straight from the Cryptozoic warehouse! We received this case a few years ago so there is some wear and tear on the sealed case (UPC Label is a bit faded from sitting in our warehouse for 3 years and the bottom left corner is slightly torn) but the 12 Booster Boxes inside this case are completely untouched and preserved!

What you get with Factory Sealed Case:

Corrupted Hippogryph x 2 (Current prices are $200 each)

Magical Ogre Idol x 3-4 (Current prices are $100 each)

Grell Moss x 15-20 (Current prices are $7 each)

Included with this Factory Sealed Case are:

3 Sealed Battle of the Aspects Treasure Pack Displays (72 boxes total)

Gives you a chance at getting:

Wooly White Rhino

Ethereal Portal

Purple Puffer


Corrupted Hippogryph

Picnic Basket

Purple Puffer

Keep in mind that WoW Trading Cards are no longer being produced so all cards/boxes/cases are only going UP in price over time, so this is a great investment!


This insures protection for both buyer and seller.

My asking price for this entire package is $1,000 free shipping!

PST in-game for my EBAY info. Will not sell cards/booster boxes seperately

Here are some photos my products




Ebay ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want a pony.
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If you can't afford this case I will also have a Factory Sealed Case of Tomb of the Forgotten soon. We just have to take it off inventory and do the paperwork which should take a week for everything to go through.

Tomb of the Forgotten includes:

White Riding Camel x 2

Spurious Sarcophagus x 3-4

Sand Scarab x 15-20

Asking price for this case is $650 free shipping

We also have 2 cases of Class Starter Deck 2011

Which includes:

Magic Rooster Egg (randomly inserted)

Dragon Kite

Spectral Tiger Cub

These are from one of the nations top distributors and the cases come straight from the manufacturers (Cryptozoic) so there is no tampering involved.

As always I only deal through Ebay for buyer and seller protection. We have a 100% positive feedback with almost 70 sales.
I'm going to be spending the rest of the day trying to move 6.2 million gold to a new server. Possibly ED, not sure yet. But if you are still interested in any of my Ebay deals or simply just want to hang out, add me to Realid: Greyhound#1557

The paperwork for the Tomb of the Forgotten & Class Starter Deck 2011 x2 cases has gone through and I will be picking them up on Monday.

The last product I will try to get my hands on are 10 boxes of Feast of Winter Veil Collectors Tin which have a chance at containing:


Magical Ogre Idol

Sand Scarab

At $10 each

Hit me up

EBAY ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Greyhounds can be worth $50,000...
Made the move to ED and had a fun first night. You can find me under the same name

Add me on Realid: Greyhound#1557

I still have 200,000g on this server if anyone wants it

Unfortunately I did move 6 million gold off the server and I hope it doesn't hurt the economy here too much

Good luck ya'll!

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