Hans'gar and Franzok room FPS drop

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Since 6.1 hit, this room has been killing my FPS, I lowered all my settings and it still like this, what could be the issue?
I just did this in a pug and someone else (don't think it was you, lol) was saying the same thing.

I personally didn't see an issue.

While I'm here, did your tank get targeted by Body Slam continuously? Not hit by it, I mean we had a DK tank get targeted by it multiple times in a row.
It's not the Body Slam, I didn't have any FPS issues before today, it seems to be the room itself
I have the same issue, my frame rate drops a ton the whole time I'm in the room. Did not have any fps drop in there before the patch, and this was the only room in BRF that I had an fps issue. Most settings were on low.
I was also noticing massive FPS drops in the room, only since the patch.
We killed 3 bosses on 24H tonight: Gruul, Hans&Fran, and Beastlord. Among all 3, Hans&Fran was giving me the least graphic or lag problem. I don't know if it is because I had the setting at Low for that fight, which means a few things were disabled in my graphic option.
Running 80 fps on ultra/high mix
Just walking into the room causes a dip and in combat it is awful.
It seemed like the more time I spent in the room, the lower my FPS got. Restarting seemed to reset it though.
I turned my shadows up to Fair and went from 5 FPS back up to 55FPS... what the hell?
02/25/2015 11:11 PMPosted by Ysha
I turned my shadows up to Fair and went from 5 FPS back up to 55FPS... what the hell?
Sounds like a bug that existed in MoP is still around. In MoP, there were several boss rooms that would actually negatively effect your FPS if you had shadows on low.

I'm not quite sure, but the trend seemed to be that it occurred in rooms with transparent or partially see-through floors. Most notably, Elegon and Primdordius with honorable mention to the Throne of the Tides elevator. It looks like the issue still exists and the Hanz and Franz room has a similar seethrough/partially see-through floor.

For me, I noticed less FPS but not a considerable amount. I also got a notice to update my graphics drivers with the patch and haven't done so.

For the other people, you might want to look over your graphics options. The patch reset mine from being low as possible to all being my recommended settings.
Hey all,

We're having some trouble reproducing this internally, and need some more information for you folks to help us narrow down the issue.

I need two files: a DxDiag of your system and your WoW's Config file. Information on how to grab both is below.


Press Windows Key + R.
Type DxDiag and press Enter.
In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save.


Navigate to your root Wow Folder (Like where wow.exe is located)
Open the WTF folder
Locate your Config.wtf file.

Once you have both files, please email them to toolsupport@blizzard.com with the title [WoW] [Hans'gar & Franzok FPS Issue] [16411251774].

Sounds like the same thing that happened to Elegon's room after 5.1 dropped. As mentioned, increase your Shadow Quality to Fair or Good and it should resolve the issue.
Sending my info in now. I played around with the instance and the first ramp inside of their room is where my FPS cans out majorly. If I move across the room and stand on the ramp closest to where Hans and Franz first stand my FPS goes back to normal.

Also once 6.1 hit, my Graphic settings were all redone from where I had them and ended up resetting them to the point where I had been using almost Fair across the board with some things turned off to now all Low with most everything turned off in order to keep Blackrock Foundary somewhat smooth.
Just to confirm, does the config.wtf that we send you have video settings on it? i.e. would fixing the problem by increasing my shadow details give you a skewed report?
Back in MOP, there were a couple of fights where my FPS tanked hard. A good example is Elegon.

Lowering all settings to minimum didn't help the issue.

However, oddly enough, increasing shadow detail to maximum made the framerate problem solve.

I have no idea why, why lower quality shadows made the room lag, high quality ones worked smooth as silk.

Perhaps you could attempt to do something similar with this particular fight and see if it helps? Jack up the shadow detail.
The lag Squish. Followed shortly by the actual. TO THE GROUND!
Yeah happening to me as well.
few ppl in my raid say the same thing.
Bumping for visibility. E-Mailed DxDiag/Config.wtf to toolsupport@blizzard.com

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