Horde or Alliance?

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I want to make a new monk on this realm but I'm just not sure if it should be. What is the horde to alliance ratio? And who wins more bg's and ashran and by how much?
02/26/2015 09:49 AMPosted by Kairik
What is the horde to alliance ratio?

Horde outnumber Alliance like 3 horde to 1 Alliance I believe currently.

02/26/2015 09:49 AMPosted by Kairik
who wins more bg's

Depends on the day and time. Have seen Horde own in the mornings and Alliance own in the evenings but have seen days where that is reversed so honestly all depends on the day and the group.

02/26/2015 09:49 AMPosted by Kairik
and ashran

Events in Ashran are mainly owned by Horde but the Alliance do have a few days a week where we go in and we take over the events. As for the main battle for Ashran I have played both sides and honestly have not personally seen Horde win, Alliance pretty much dominates the main event. I could very well be wrong, as said I have not PERSONALLY seen Horde win which does not mean they have not won at all.

Personally prefer Alliance side myself. Have seen alot of people faction change in the last little while. Watch this thread and see the responses you get and even try logging into a new toon on both sides and ask around, you will encounter some trolls but no worries you will find some honest people who can answer questions you may have =)

With that being said hopefully see you on Alliance side =) If not then will probably see you out in the world =)

Good Luck
Horde may outnumber alliance but they have better pvp guilds.
It's easier for you to find groups for PvP as alliance and it's easier for you to find PvE groups as horde. That's all.
alli has more pvp and some higher rated pvp guilds, horde has lot of pve
no horde pvp on this server
alliance if you are a nerd

horde if you are a cool kid

on a less serious note, most of the information in here is accurate. I'm not sure about the quality of rated PvP on the alliance side though, so you will have to take their word for it. Although it is likely accurate since most high rated pvpers want dem precious alliance racials.

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