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669 Holy Paladin looking for a guild with raid times ranging from 10-4 Central Time, Must be 4/10 HBRF
Not sure our times will work for you but please feel free to contact one of our officers if they do. ^.^



Main Tank [0]

Heals [2]
Disc Priest Med
Holy Priest Medium
Resto Shaman High
Holy Paladin High

Melee DPS [1]
DK - High
Warrior - High
Feral - Medium
Windwalker - Medium
Rogue - High


We are a guild of friends from many years with the goal of downing the most difficult content WoD has to offer. We want a solid tight group of skilled players to progress through mythic content as efficiently as possible due to our time constraints. We expect our raiders to be prepared with food/flasks/pots, and be focused throughout the entire raid.

We’re just starting off which means the roster is small but looking to expand into a 20 man group progressing through mythic content. Interested? Please contact either of us, our battletags are listed below.


Wednesday 6-10pm, Saturday 2-6pm, Sunday 2-6pm Server/Central Time


All raiders are expected to maintain a 95% raid attendance unless notified in advance or due to an emergency.


Loot will be distributed using EPGP

Officer: Feliquesan (Fel#1411)
Officer: Despi (Ds7s#1502)

J!NX invites you to join us. We're looking for skilled players!
We are currently 2/7 Mythic 7/7N and 7/7H in Highmaul, 10/10N and 6/10H Blackrock Foundry.

Raid Times are 9pm- 12am PST (11pm-2am CST, 12am-3am EST) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. We only raid 9 hours a week and don't have time to mess around. You'll have to be good or it won't work out. Undergeared? We can work though that. Underskilled? Not so good.

J!NX is a semi-hardcore progression guild located on the Runetotem (US PVE) server. Our raiders and raid leadership are well-tuned in their roles and have extensive experience in the raid environment dating as far back as Vanilla WoW.

The J!NX Brand is a clothing company for Gamers and Geeks. Joining the J!NX Raid Team is an opportunity to experience WoW raiding in a unique environment. If you are an exceptional player with a good attitude, this is most likely the last guild you will ever join. If you're trying to balance your life, your job, and your family with your inner nerd, come hang with some like-minded individuals. This relationship does infer certain responsibilities: they pay for our vent/website, etc and you represent them appropriately by acting like a mature individual on the realm.

We expect 90% attendance from our raiders, so plan on being available for just about all scheduled activity. Guild membership is limited to adults (20+). Sorry, but this is a non-negotiable requirement.

Interested players should register at the J!NX Guild website and apply:

There will be competition for slots. It's a raid guild, after all. If you expect to be handed a “core position” from start, forget it. Such things are earned. Although we try to keep enough personnel for a full group 7, we expend considerable effort in swapping people in and out on farmed content so that everyone gets to play. On Mythic progression fights we roll with our best 20.

That said, all guilds are revolving doors and we know, historically, that somebody is about to remember they have a life/job/wife etc.

If you would like to inquire, the following Officers can help: Panzercow GM, Jesthekiller, or Ammethyst for Team Lannister or Hanimal, Heavy, Axed, or Trucks for Team Clegane.

For more info: Real ID-JinxDagor#1357 Havoksdream#1454 Ammethyst#1821
<I Rebels I> is a guild that has been around since early 2010. The guild has had strong consistent leadership as it has raided through end game content from DS to SoO. We are a fun, laid back, and social bunch that plays many games outside of WoW together as well.

We are searching for exceptional players to fill out our last roster spots on the core raid team. We are looking for people who are willing to take the time to research and read up on fights, learn what they need to do in regards to their current role in raid.

Our raid times are Wed, Thur, and Mon 6:30-10:00 pm PCT, with optional raid days on Tuesday through the weekends on various occasions.

Our guild is currently 2/7M HM 7/7H HM since 1/7/15, 7/10H BRF, and 10/10N BRF

Any questions or if you would like to contact someone in the guild please add,
GM - Bludot#1323
Officer - Tyner#1154 <--this is me
Officer - Arkai#1991
HUSTLEMANIA ([H] US - Nordrassil) is currently recruiting dps. Current high priorities include:
Healers/dps of all types!!

Raid times: 10 pm -1 am EST Tues / Weds / Thurs

About HUSTLEMANIA: HUSTLEMANIA believes that you can have a life yet still raid. We keep our raid schedule short, rarely (if ever) go over, and understand that it is not the end of the world if someone misses a raid. We are currently trying to expand our roster to 25 solid raiders so that we can progress efficiently all three raid nights even if a "core" member is missing. We are recruiting for core spots, not bench positions. If you perform well you will have a raid spot. We always have plenty of people willing to sit.

Most guild members have been playing with each other off and on since BC. Our guild name changes when we get bored.

If you have to ask about our loot system, this probably isn't the guild for you. That said, we use a /roll system with the understanding to not be a @!!*#!%*. If an item is a huge upgrade for someone it is likely going to go to them.

CONTACT: drop an application at rustlemania.guildlaunch.com or get in touch with:
Hello! Looking at your post, I'm not sure the times will work out with my guild. However, I'll leave information in case your schedule changes! Professional Baddies is an alliance raiding guild looking for strong dps to round out our core raid roster as we are looking to start Mythic BRF next week. This is a like minded group of raiders interested in pursuing hardcore progression on three nights a week. Raid times are Tue - Thu 7-10pm PST. If you are interested in joining, contact us at any of below:

Hello! We're looking for a consistent and reliable player for a core spot in our raid.

<Reluctance> of Uldum is a semi-hardcore raid guild. We are a group comprised of former hardcore raiders looking to continue our

successes on a 3-night schedule. We are looking for skilled Melee and Ranged DPS to round out our Raid Roster and assist our push into

Mythic content. We raid 3 nights per week. We expect every raid member is required to maintain 80%+ attendance, be on time and be


Class Requirements:
Rogue (HIGH)
Monk (HIGH)
Warrior (Medium)
Feral (Medium)
Retribution Paladin (Low)
Deathknight (Low)
Enh Shaman (Low)

Balance Druid (HIGH)
Warlock (Low)
Ele Shaman (Low)

Holy Paladin (HIGH)
Resto Shaman (HIGH)

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday, 5:30 - 8:30pm PST
Friday, 5:30-8:30pm PST
Sunday, 5:30-8:30pm PST

7/7H HM
1/7M HM
9/10N BRF
5/10H BRF

Voice Communication:

If interested please visit our Website to Apply at http://reluctance.enjin.com

For more information please speak with Epsilonp or Sarthy in game. You can also connect directly through Battlenet at sarthy#1661.
<The Dauntless> is a newly formed guild that is currently progressing quickly. We are still looking for a few more people to fill out our roster. Our information is listed below:

Connected Realms: Frostmane, Ner’zhul, Tortheldrin
Website: the-dauntless.enjin.com
Progression: 8/10H BRF
Raid times: T/W/Th - 9:00pm-12:00am CST.

We are currently looking for a few more skilled players to fill out our roster as we progress to Mythic

Balance Druid - High
Resto Druid - Medium
Hunter - High
Mage - Medium
Mistweaver Monk - High
Holy Paladin - High
Elemental Shaman - High

Feel free to approach any of us in game or via our website to discuss further details. To apply, go to the link provided and follow the directions as listed.
Guild Website: the-dauntless.enjin.com

Contact Us:
Rohwind (Aileron#1131)
Androsis (Vexful#1126)
Hitmontop (KevinP#1313)
Factorial (BBB#1141)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hello Rggetsome!


We are an alliance 25m raiding team founded May 12th 2011. We are a casual but focused guild. We are looking for additional players to add to our roster in order to strengthen our core. We do not recruit for bench. We are looking for like minded individuals who share a passion for raiding and want to have a good time while clearing content.


Tues/ Weds/ Thurs 8 pm to 11 pm PST (realm time)
Must be 18+
We use epgp to distribute loot

Our expectations:
* Know your class, know your role.
* Come prepared. Know the encounters do your research.
* Be ready: invites go out, be ready and nearby to zone in.
* Come equipped: have your gear gemmed/enchanted and come bringing your consumables. If you want to have gems and enchants for your upgrades to use immediately (unless required for reforging) all the better. Otherwise wait until break or post raid to setup your lovely new gear.
* Don’t waste our time: we only raid 3 hours for 3 days, unannounced and extensive afks are unacceptable.
* Communicate: life happens, please communicate to your team if you will be afk/ away or need to leave early. We aim for 80% attendance, of course higher is preferred.

Notable milestones:
US 288 ranked for Dragon Soul clear

HM: 7/7N, 7/7H, 2/7M
BRF: 10/10N, 5/10H

Guild Goal for WoD:
We are aiming to become more hard core and going after Mythic raiding.


We are always accepting skilled and knowledgeable applicants. Even if your class or spec may not be listed we encourage you to apply.
Heroic EXP and logs are a must.

We currently willing to do cross server trials but when the trial is up we expect you to transfer on over.

Death Knigh (with dps OS) - HIGH
Druid (with healing or dps OS) - HIGH
Monk (with healing or dps OS) - HIGH
Paladin (with healing or dps OS) - Low
Warrior (with dps OS) - Low

Disc/Holy Priest - Low
Holy Paladin - High
Monk - High
Resto Druid - Medium
Resto Shaman - Low

Death Knight (Frost or Unholy) - High
Druid Boomkin - Medium
Druid Feral - Medium
Hunter - Medium
Mage (Fire/ Arcane) - Medium - Medium
Monk (with healing or tank os) - Medium
Ret Pally (healing os is a bonus) - Medium
Rogue - HIGH
Shaman Ele - Low
Shaman Enh - HIGH
Shadow Priest - Low
Warlock - HIGH
Warrior (Arm or Fury) - Medium - Low

If you have additional questions please contact any of our leadership members listed below or check us out at http://www.risb-guild.com/

Ankhie - Ankhie@live.com or Ankhie#1798
(Alts - Ankhling, Izziebella, Lightbacon, Uiscebéatha)
Alliannah - Alliannah#1768
<Missunderstood>, an Alliance guild on Kirin Tor, is currently recruiting DPS for a full-time position on our 20m core. Current progression is 8/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry, with Mythic just around the corner! We are a guild that started from humble beginnings late in Mists of Pandaria and finished server first.

We value consistent attendance and the ability to come prepared over gear score and past experience. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’re willing to give you a chance.

Raid times are Sat-Mon from 7:00-10:00pm Central and adhere to a strict attendance policy in order to show respect for our fellow teammates time.

Currently recruiting for any of the following:
Melee DPS - Feral, Enhance, Rogue, Monk, Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin.
Ranged DPS - Elemental, Shadow, Balance, Hunter, or Warlock,
Healer: Monk, Disc Priest

If you have determination to learn and excel at your class, the ability to take constructive criticism, enjoy theorycrafting and min/maxing, understand that mythic progression may mean multiple wipes, are a level-headed team-player, a non-elitist that detests loot drama, and have a wicked sense of humor, we’d love to have you with us.

All walks of life are welcome, cool cats, new players and old, we are LGBT-friendly, and 18+ (no exceptions).

If this sounds like fun to you then please by all means contact me on btag (MahlersGhost#1837) or another officer in game. You can also catch us on our website: missunderstoodguild.com on Twitter: @missunderstoodw, and on Facebook: Missunderstood Guild

Thanks for reading!


Our recruiting officer ---> Mahler (MahlersGhost#1837)

Recruitment Officer of Missunderstood
The Skinny:

Faction: Horde
Realm: Thrall
Website: http://www.iconguild.net
Email: IconGuildThrall@gmail.com
Twitter: @Icon_Guild
Raid Days: Thursdays/Sundays 9-12 PM EST
VOIP: Mumble
Loot System: Master Loot & roll MS>OS, Loot Council on Tier Pieces
Current Raid Progress: 5/10 Heroic BRF

Classes We Want: Holy Paladin, Balance Druid, Mage, Warlock, Rogue
Classes We Don't Want: Shaman, Hunter, Warrior, Monk


My beloved guild <Icon> is recruiting! Yay! We are a group of friends who played and raided together on the Darkspear server from the beginning of Vanilla until early WotlK when we collectively fizzled out and went our separate ways. We have kept in touch through the years using the magical Facebook machine and when we saw how awesome WoD looked we decided to get the band back together and start playing WoW together again! Pretty sweet, right? In the process of leveling, boosting, and transferring here there have been some class and role changes from what we all used to prefer plus, sadly, some people were unable to join us. That leaves a bit of a void in our ranks. That's where YOU come in!

We're all quality players who've been gaming for a long, long time. The passage of time has honed our skills but also rendered us... older. With age comes added responsibilities such as career and family and so while might still be badass raiders (we were the 5th most progressed guild on our sever in our heydey) we are forced to adopt a more casual schedule. For this reason we're labeling ourselves "semi-hardcore".

We raid twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays from 9-12 PM EST) and are progressing quickly through Heroic Blackrock Foundry. As soon as we can we plan to dive head-first into Mythic! We're not about server firsts in <Icon> but when we do play we mean business.

Above all, though, we're about fun. If you have a good sense of humor and take your game seriously without taking yourself too seriously you'll fit in just fine! We've already organically recruited several people from this server and they're now blended into the Icon family perfectly. This is our first official "sales pitch", if you will.

Anyway, if you feel like we'd be a good fit for you check out our website at http://www.iconguild.net. The forums are a bit sparce since we mostly communicate via our facebook group but that will soon change.

If you have any questions hit me up in game! Mahanaxar#1991. If I'm not in game shoot an email to IconGuildThrall@gmail.com or tweet/DM @Icon_Guild on the Twitterverse!
Night Eternal is currently 7/7H 9/10N 2/10H We are looking to bolster our ranks for Blackrock Foundry. Our current needs are as follows


Druid (Medium) w/DPS offspec
DK (Medium) w/DPS offspec
Monk (High) w/DPS offspec


Druid (Low)
Monk (Low)
Paladin (Medium)
Shaman (Low)


Monk (High)
Warlock (High)
Shaman (High)
Deathknight (High)
Druid Feral ( Low)
Warrior (Low)
Mage (Low)

Raid Schedule 4 days
Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Sunday 7:30-9:30 CST

Even if your class is not listed above, please feel free to contact someone in guild as we are always looking for exceptional players. Contact myself Chaosshot#1147, Emer or Sirbeastly in game for any questions.
DMF is a 6 hour a week horde guild on Frostwolf (merged with Vashj) looking to expand its roster to push into Mythic raiding in BRF. We are currently 7/7H HM, 7/10H BRF. We have a solid team with small turnover, veteran players looking to get bosses down in the time we have.

We raid on Friday nights from 5pm-11pm (PST), and that's it! You get the rest of your week to hang out and play as you want. Our raids are laid back - we're here to have fun while we play. We run EP/GP lootmaster, and our voice is Mumble.

We're specifically looking for a boomkin and a holy pally with a ret offspec! We're asking for ilvl 660 and above. Raiding alts welcome! We are still running heroic, so if you would like to try out without committing to a transfer, we can bring you in for an evening :)

Contact me through b.net Amyiss#1204!
Hello, Rggetsome! Not sure if our raid times match what you are looking for, but I'm leaving information in case you are still interested. Professional Baddies is an alliance raiding guild (8/10H) looking for a couple of dps and one healer to round out our core raid roster in order to finish Heroic BRF and start mythic. This is a like minded group of raiders who've been together for a long time. We're interested in pursuing hardcore progression on three nights a week.

Raid times are Tue - Thu 7-10pm PST. If you are interested in joining, contact us at Bellarina#1870 or Poodarf#1464 for interview.

I'm the GM of Blacklisted on Kil'jaeden. We're currently 5/7M HM and 9/10H BRF (Blackhand to 7% multiple times). We're looking into progressing into Mythic next week and are in need of a Holy Paladin for a core spot. Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 9PM-1AM Pacific Standard Time. Our raid atmosphere is amazing, we love to have fun but are very progression minded. I'd really like to talk with you because I feel as if you'd be a really good fit for our raiding team. Please add me on battletag (endorphins#1701) and we could talk further.

<Anvil> is currently rebuilding for a Fri/Sat night raid group. We are looking for competent and dedicated players to fill up our roster. We are a horde guild on the Kil'Jaeden server. Kil'jaeden is a very high population server horde side, and offers a lot of pvp/raiding/alt opportunities if you are interested.

We are made up of current 6-10/10H (and past top100 US/World) raiders that have IRL commitments that prevent us from raiding during the week. We are currently looking at the following raid times:

Fri 7-10PM PST (server)
Sat 7-10PM PST
Sunday 6-9PM PST (not an official raid day, once the group is filled we plan on seeing if we want a 2 or three day group)

We are currently in need of all roles, and are looking to build a 20 man roster. Alts are most certainly welcome so long as they meet the gear requirements below and relevant experience can be proven. THIS IS NOT A GEAR UP AND MOVE ON GROUP. We are looking for a solid raid team to progress into mythics, so the more experienced and better geared players will have preference when it comes to invites.

Cross realm raiders are also not an issue until mythics become relevant for the group. We do not see a reason to force anyone into transferring until they absolutely have to.

We are looking for 665+ geared characters, and intend on blowing through normal mode BRF (possibly on an off night that works for everyone) for tier pieces and pushing as many heroics possible until heroics is all we are doing, and so on into mythics. We ask that you are on the latest leg of the legendary quest line so that you are not behind when it comes to your metrics.

If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, and you are ready and able to commit to a weekend raiding group, please talk to one of our officers in game:

Phizzix - phizzix#1734
Crokkor - crokkar#1740
I would like to state again that i am looking for a raiding guild with specific times ranging from 10 PM CST- 4PM CST, anytime before or after that wont work for me please get back to me asap.

Have 7/10 BRF Experience
Earned Ahead of the Curve Highmaul,
Have raid experience dating back to TBC (Different Account)
And study and research fights pretty much daily to improve.
<Dark Union> of Lightbringer (A) is Actively Recruiting for Mythic Highmaul and BRF.

The leadership of Dark Union has been playing together for several tiers now and has had great success at not only leading current content but also in progressing and staying competitive. We class ourselves as a progression oriented guild, wanting to put in the effort to see the end game content and have a good time doing it.

What We Expect From Our Members: •We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated people who believe they have what it takes to progress with us.
•Our members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of the raid. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others. Keeping up with the latest boss strategies and how to play your class is a requirement.
•We require our raiders to maintain near perfect attendance. We understand that real life issues take priority, however if those issues consistently keep a player from attending raids or cause a player to be late on multiple occasions then we will have no choice but to replace that player.
•All raiders must be able to communicate with mumble.
•Everyone must have a basic understanding of EPGP, as we use this system to distribute loot.

At the end of Mists of Pandaria, we finished with 14/14 Mythic. This placed us in the top 20 for Lightbringer.
Raid Times:
Our Raid Schedule is Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 10:30PM to 1:30 AM Server(pst) with invites going out at 10:15 PM. Monday nights are used as a backup night at the same times.

Currently we are 7/7 Heroic and progressing on Mythic content with 1/7 in HM.
9/10 N and 7/10H in BRF

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Guild Master:
azzurri#1493, Ksenia#1704
I would like to state again that i am looking for a raiding guild with specific times ranging from 10 PM CST- 4PM CST, anytime before or after that wont work for me please get back to me asap.

Have 7/10 BRF Experience
Earned Ahead of the Curve Highmaul,
Have raid experience dating back to TBC (Different Account)
And study and research fights pretty much daily to improve.

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