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We share game information in a variety of locations, and one of the newest is @WarcraftDevs on Twitter. To help keep you updated on all the notable posts going out from that account, we’ll be copying them here for your enjoyment! Keep watching this thread, and follow us at @WarcraftDevs.
@WarcraftDevs: Patch 6.1 brings changes to the queuing system for Ashran. We'd like to hear about your experiences with the update.
@WarcraftDevs: Known Ashran issue: Cannot whisper or invite players from other realms in your group. Fix is in-progress--will require restarts.
@WarcraftDevs: You do not need Highmaul progress in order to unlock Foundry Mission caches. It’s an alternate method, but not required.
@WarcraftDevs: Hotfix applied: "Music Roll: Totems of the Grizzlemaw" now plays the correct Grizzly Hills track.
@WarcraftDevs Chance of a swifter respawn on lumbering ancients for the music quest?

.@SimplyCyvus Hotfix just went in for this. Also the music roll in Tyrande's room changed to respawn more quickly.
@WarcraftDevs I am getting 0 follower upgrade tokens from my salvage crates. I've opened 15 so far

There have been no recent changes to the rate of follower items from salvage crates.
@WarcraftDevs The wrong heirloom gear comes up by default in the collection for lowbies that gain their armor specialization at level 50

We're looking into this, but the fix may require a client-side patch.
@WarcraftDevs why make it so wins in the main event in ashran don't give conquest? alliance can't win side events so now it's impossible

The two factions were avoiding each other in Ashran. We are altering rewards to encourage competition.
pandaren aren't getting the double stat buff from feasts in 6.1. Bug?

Yes, this is a known bug.
Option to disable realm names on nameplates? @WarcraftDevs http://i.imgur.com/KVvRlR4.png Really annoying.

We're working on a hotfix for this.
I hope this doesn't mean we can't coin non-spirit trinkets anymore if so please revert asap https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B-tWQIkVIAAUeq0.jpg:large

It's an intended change of Spirit trinkets. We're aware it affects Mistweavers and Holy Paladins more so than others.

elemental shaman PvP 2 piece set bonus is bugged. Can get interrupted / silenced while ascendanced

It's a bug, thanks for the report!
Please make a post and explain your intentions in hunter/feral buffs in an pvp environment.The burst is just crazy.

We're monitoring how recent damage increases are affecting PvP and we'll make any adjustments accordingly.
Seriously, @WarcraftDevs , why change the way the coffee and mining picks worked? Now I'm getting 0 picks, have coffee coming out of my ears

You can obtain a permanent mining speed bonus from a treasure in Spires, and the coffee buff now stacks!
is it intended that you can now get a 3rd boat on maidens after pushing 20%? (Was not like this b4 the patch)

If a new boat phase is beginning clearly after Iron Fury was in effect, it sounds like a bug. Curious to hear more.
With the changes in Everbloom, are you expecting people to be able to beat the current realm/world cm times?

We may need to clear the leaderboards and/or adjust target times to keep Everbloom CM competitive. We’re discussing.
Can't use my Chauffeured Chopper on my brand new Panda Monk the tool tip says "you are not the right faction for this mount"

Mounts (code-wise) don't support a non-faction, and these mounts are also visually faction-specific. Unlikely to be changed.
"Exploration Mission Master" removed from "Don't Call Me Junior" meta achievement. UI not updated until a client patch.
We've pushed a hotfix to change Garrison profession Traders to a predictable daily order instead of being random. #SadFurTrader

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