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Since hotfix put in on 2/27/15 set a rotation on #Garrison Traders, Ore -> Dust -> Fur -> Leather (Today) -> Herb (3/3/15) #WoW #Warcraft

That said, will the rotation be set in that order or shifted around after every 5 days? @WarcraftDevs

Traders who visit your Garrison will maintain the same order that started on 2/27: ore/dust/cloth/leather/herb.
@holinka @warcraftdevs how are you guys feeling about RBG mmr? #1 player hasn't changed in months due to deflation. HotH/HotA 2102 rating

More players per team and longer matches results in less games played, and lower ratings compared to other brackets.
@WarcraftDevs @holinka I can not Favorite my PVP Mount (ex: Vicious War Stead)? Bug or intended and why please. #Warcraft

Those mounts are character specific and the favorite feature is account wide.
@Holinka Seems like the DRs for CC are now always 15 seconds rather than 15-20, feels like a huge buff for comps like RMD. intended change?

It is intended that it always resets after a fixed amount of time, but it should be 18 seconds; we'll get this fixed.
@WarcraftDevs Will Garona Halforcen trigger Ally of Argus as well as Child of Draenor? Would be annoying as alliance if not.

She’s considered a Draenei for the purposes of Alliance-side traits.
@WarcraftDevs A bug on the DMF's race: sometimes when you hit a post, you get an extra toll. Climb to the blue post and u get 3->5 tolls.

When you hit any post, you get your first Toll for the next race segment, in the same way that you start the race with your first Toll. The achievements have been tuned with this in mind. It adds a bit of slush room for when you hit each post, knowing that as long as you get it before the next toll occurs, your toll timer will be restarted.
@WarcraftDevs Forlorn composer not giving me a speech bubble or dialog for music roll. Night Elf. Tried resetting, relogging, no add ons.

Make sure you’ve completed the Bringing the Bass quest, and you don’t have this track in your bank or bags anywhere.
@WarcraftDevs Chance the ring toss vendor could be a little further from the gate, everyone stands on her while tossing rings. #dmf

We're hoping to have this addressed in a future patch. For now, try toggling nameplates and/or using a '/tar Jessica' command.
@WarcraftDevs Where are the `Real Big Race` on Darkmoon Faire? not added? bugged? And what about other mounts for this event where are they?

This info is in the blog post. =) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/18061647/
@CM_Lore @CM_Crithto @WarcraftDevs Was http://www.wowhead.com/item=40727 supposed to get hotfixed in 6.1? Or is this a bug not being able to use in WoD

This is an unfortunate bug that we can't fix until a future patch.
So.. the Draenic Intellect Potions from the follower's daily are Soulbound and they don't stack with my the other ones.. @WarcraftDevs

Intended. They give players w/ an Alchemy building useful potions w/o flooding the AH; a different name was planned but didn't make it.
@holinka @WarcraftDevs any Plans to fix the 2-6 sec delay on Exec. Sentence when used to heal in pvp

This has been hotfixed. Thank you for the report!
@WarcraftDevs Is there anywhere I could find math on Leech or how it works for specific classes?

It’s a simple percentage for all classes: 1% leech = healed for 1% of damage
@WarcraftDevs Is shuriken toss auto attacks still 80% damage? Seems like it should be 100% for combat with new draenor perks.

Shuriken Toss auto-attacks are actually 65% main hand, 75% offhand and have been this way for two years. No perks affect it.
@WarcraftDevs getting message "Chimaeron has been defeated" when killing hunters tamed pet

Appreciate the report! We'll investigate this issue.
@WarcraftDevs Stampede in Lone Wolf seems to be bugged if used with Glyph of Stampede active.

We’ll look into this, and thanks for letting us know. If you come across anything else, please post it in our Bug Report forum. :)
@WarcraftDevs Monks Power Strike talent seems to have a sporadic cooldown. It says 15sec but it comes off cooldown sooner. Is this Intended?

It’s not a cooldown; you get a charge of it every 15 seconds, so that it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it immediately.
@WarcraftDevs Tablet of Ghost Wolf's bonus speed now only last a few seconds after using Ghost Wolf, then normal speed again. Intended?

Sounds like there might be a bug with that. We'll investigate it.
@WarcraftDevs Any chance to get the Rogue Combat 4p bonus fixed? Its currently eating up Anticipation stacks, so its not a "free" Eviscerate

We’re already working on a hotfix for this and hope to have it addressed soon.
@WarcraftDevs I see you fixed Arcane Power resetting with raid encounters..can we get the same for Ascendance ( and maybe even spirit wolves

Feral Spirits only has a 2 min c/d so intentionally doesn’t reset. Ascendance does for Ele/Resto but not for Enh; fix incoming!

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