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@WarcraftDevs Any Chance on Seeing 6.1 Legendary Questline Cinematic on our Garisson like other important Cinematics during lvling ?

We're going to shoot for Patch 6.2 to get this added onto the list. Thanks for the suggestion!
@WarcraftDevs I guess this is a given, but Warforged items are also getting +5 ilvls? (wasn't made explicit).

@WarcraftDevs @Celestalon is crit chance reduced versus raid bosses?

Crit chance is affected by the target’s level, yes.
@WarcraftDevs thx for all the heirloom upgrades/tab. Any plans to convert existing plate to str/int like wod add int plate for pallys?

We don’t currently have plans to do that. We like heirlooms being targeted to specific roles.
@WarcraftDevs the rogue talent Shuriken Toss' auto-attacks only apply lethal poisens? Is this intended?

Yes, only lethal poisons. This was inadvertently left out of the tooltip.
@WarcraftDevs I still haven't seen any response about the Codex of Xerrath not applying to Glyph of Metamorphosis! On the radar?

We don’t currently have plans to support this particular combination of visual options.
.@WarcraftDevs Why does the Windwalker movespeed aura not stack with the passive portion of Pursuit of Justice?

It's by design. From the Pursuit of Justice tooltip: “This does not stack with most other movement speed increasing effects.”
@WarcraftDevs Can we get a blue post about these stealth Ashran changes? Intended? Bugged? Let us know what is going on please.

Events in Ashran no longer have individual timers. Instead, an event is randomly selected to begin every few minutes.
@WarcraftDevs Could it be possible for tier tokens to show warforged/socket/tertiary before they are consumed?

Due to technical limitations, we don't have plans for this at this time.
@WarcraftDevs Please tell me that there are plans for other uses of Draenic Stone. I have been hoarding them in my reagent bank in hope.

We gave them a good sell price, but at this time there are no other plans.
@WarcraftDevs Characters under lvl 100 can't see ore/herb/fur/etc. traders. By design? Alts are people too!

You need a level 3 Garrison, but you can visit someone else’s to pick these quests up before then.
@WarcraftDevs ((Why does Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide not work in WoD content? Never see an artifact drop in instances.))

That item is currently being revamped and will make its triumphant return very soon!
@Warcraft @WarcraftDevs explain to me why my horde trinket on my rogue was normal a few minutes ago, i get into arena and now i cant use it?

We’re aware that these trinkets are incorrectly being converted and we’re working on a fix.
@WarcraftDevs Since heirlooms have a tab now, can it be possible to delete a character without having to delete the heirlooms too beforehand

Thank you for the feedback. We'll look into it.
@WarcraftDevs @NoraashaWoW Uhh, I think the devs read the question wrong (I hope). the 18sec DR timer starts when the CC effect ends

This is correct. Apologies for any confusion.
@WarcraftDevs any news about NE Shadowmeld? It is still not removing from combat since 6.1 patch.

Hotfixed yesterday: Shadowmeld works normally everywhere except PvE instances (dungeon/raid) where it won't drop you from combat.
@WarcraftDevs so after the last quest do Misprinted Draenic Coins have no use?

Correct. They have no use once you've completed the final quest.
@WarcraftDevs Would be fantastic for my Holy Paladin to level with full set of plate intellect gear! :)

This is a thing we think would be super cool!
@WarcraftDevs If RAF recruit uses token to pay for subscription, does it count for reward the same as prepaid card/subscription?

Any form of game time counts toward rewards for the Recruit A Friend system.

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