Funny Mage Names

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After that, I like my name. (especially since the one time I was in a group with a wiseman I beat him in dps)
well haha
I met mage with a name 'Superwarlock'.
UR? ;)
fire: halfbaked
arcane:,well idk about arcane
<------ I dig it
12/23/2010 02:30 AMPosted by Bonecracka

yeaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeee.

/ugh.. sorry.

...runs back in the corner.
My name is awesome because I have the old "Private" title.
Ive always been fond of mine
There's a Gandalf in my guild!
<--- loves scotch
It is my hope that they make Tauren Mages happen... I would name mine Manaburger, Blinkingmilk, Ringofmilk, Frozensteak, Udderlycold, etc.

Mine is Travelagent.
lol Sirlancealot is epic
I win
Pokemon Skill And 2 capital letters, i'm not saying none of the names in this guide were funny, but the 4 that were are horribly over used
I'd say mine is descriptive of my relationships with those foolish enough to be contentious and adversarial in my presence just before their newly begun journey though my alimentary tract begins.

The only downside being all the rum and spices I need to carry.

The sad truth about the alliance is, well, no matter how good the technique and preparations, cheap meat is still likely to be tough and stringy. One does have a splendid recipe for Gnome Tartare should plenty of fresh limes be available.

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