Funny Mage Names

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02/24/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Partz
My name is awesome because I have the old "Private" title.

This one gave me a chuckle, I also liked Insheeption!
gg millhouse.

also have: Pastrychef and Travelagent
<--- Spanish for cigarette
<---- Mage+Seinfeld= Win
I think mine is pretty good.
the best name for a mage would be......Mage duh...:S
<---- nuff said
<--------- : )
my name used to be frostynipple but blizz made me change it. although i do like the new name as well
Evinge Tinkerscrew, At your service.I took this name solely for when I die, and can yell in party chat "EVIIIIIINGE MMMMMEEEEEEE"

Also, I think my guild name is a nod to what specs I like to play.

Double Also. I'm not really a Mage, I'm an Engineer who happens to know magic :D
My raid leader told me he once saw a mage by the name of Aquafina, also the name Frostitute makes me lol

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