Funny Mage Names

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Nobody messes with Adam We
most likely mine
Folks seem to be amused by my name.

/evil laugh

Also Portsnshorts (Gnome mage)
<----- hehehehehehe ^_^
<------- hehe.
<-------------- =)
my name is good for a mage, but im not sure if its funny.

Maybe? Idno :p
I'm a fan of Hayblinkin. That one is great!

Huge fan of Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

This. Same reason.
A mage named PortsToSW
Used to have a mage named Buskens.. does that count?
<------Nuf said!!
<----------- :)
If they ever allow tauren mages "Frozenbeef"
what r laffs?

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