Tol Barad Siege engines

Tol Barad siege engines are far to limited and rather pointless. The most they can do now is get put at a spire and extend the battle. Leaving the same players and the same and the same building left to be captured. Most defenders are too smart to kill them at the cost of losing all 3 bases.

I have 2 solutions to this problem. First give the sieges an anti personnel weapon. Similar to the ones in IOC. This would be key since by the battles very nature the defenders are left outnumbered somewhere and having the siege could make the difference. Second if the attackers destroy all 3 towers it should end the battle or force the defenders to have to control all 3 bases,

The solutions would not only makes sieges somewhat useful, but it would fix the problem of defenders having an advantage.
your right this would fix Tol barard

I have got to say this is a great Idea! Everyone knows that the attack is so much harder then the defend....allowing the siege engines to be used to help the attacking team would be a fast and easy way to even out this bg.

I have been in multiple TB losses where you see people activly driveing the seige engines even after all three towers are down. People assume the seige engines would have some purpose after the towers have fallen. even the same general barrage aimed at the base flag would keep the defending team from stacking and help

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