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k before you all say OMG NO becuase you worked for 20 dayss trying to get this rep to exaulted i have done it myself and it was brutal but totaly worth it

im just saying since its allready 2 xpansions ago can ya just make a tabar for us to get rep off it it would be so much damm easier and id personally would not like to do the 20 days again on my alts just for an awesome looking mount that just looks awesome (this is my fav looking mount ingame) its not like it will effect anyone beacuse people will still be flying there drakes or there stone drakes or there photo drakes or w.e and i think theres enough flying mounts out there now that its not like everyone is gona be riding the same mount...

in wrath theres the red drake that you can buy when you get exaulted and i barly see anyone on it and its very easy to get

and i wouldnt care any if you changed the price from 200g to 1600g like the red drake i just dont want to waste my time doing the same thing over and over again and wasting my Real Life doing 1 hour a day on dailys that give like 10g each now that i get the same money for selling a green item... its just brutal doing the dailys and i personally hate them and its in the middle of no where

and i just find it really stupid that you have made org/TB/UC/SM/Trolls/Goblin tabards that give rep but you cant make a older flying mount have a tabard.... and getting rep for trolls was f***ing hard and now its so easy.

I just feel that it shouldnt be this way anymore because theres so many other flying mounts out there that are easier to get (like the bronze drake/ Red Drake) and its not like its TBC any more when there was like no flying mounts but theres TONS and this rep grinding being very painful for somthing they have allready have done to avoid it ( Rep Tabards )
I love my netherwing drake, its painfully easy to get now, though no one wants to do the rep grind for it, and Im happy about that since I have a nice drake that not everyone has.

Just do the grind and be happy with your reward, its much more of a good feeling knowing you worked for it than when you just grinded a few dungeons and whoopdydoo you have a drake, theres enough drakes that drop from dungeons anyway.
if the item was compulsory i'd agree, its not its a vanity item, so you can go out there and do the grind like everyone else, you should get it 5% faster now due to guild perks anyway
Just so you get input from someone who does not have Netherwing Exalted... No rep tabard please! Those dailies are fun and you have the feeling of accomplishing something when you finally get your netherdrake. Instant Gratification no thanks I'd rather work for something and feel good about it.
I wouldnt argue with just a tabard you get after reaching exalted though, like every other BC faction.
It took me 5 days or so to get my netherdrake. l2farmeggs
Personally, I'd be happy if they added some sort of music in the mine. That would be a welcome change. I tend to like the atmospheric music of the game, and it is sorely missing in such places.

As for the grind, the perfect opportunity is at hand. I got this character to 80 a few days before the expansion, and I ended up getting the expansion a couple of days late on Thursday. The first few days, right before the expansion, the mine was full of egg seekers, but on Tuesday they were all gone. I think I got between 30 and 40 eggs those last two days and finished the whole grind in 5 or 6 days total.

Honestly, I can't imagine many people are grinding Netherwing at this point in time, either.
Maybe i didnt see it but how is it so easy now???

(lmfao i love noob questions XD)
It takes like 3 days to get that now if your not a lazy ass.
just because of the eggs?

how many do you find now 50 XD
Vanity item achieved by pure grind, no challenge whatsoever. Adding a tabard wouldn't lessen the attachment my Rogue has grown for his Netherwing mount.
12/23/2010 11:30 AMPosted by Darknether
Grinds in the old days were a lot longer and more difficult than today. they actually felt like you achieved something!

Longer, yes. Difficult, no.
12/23/2010 11:37 AMPosted by Darknether
It took me 5 days or so to get my netherdrake. l2farmeggs


I must have flown around the region for 2+ hours a day when i was grinding the quests also looking for eggs. usually i'd get 2-3 a day.

But some days, OMG some days, not a single egg. I got so frustrated i'd clear the entire mine looting everything hoping for one, still with no avail

on the plus side, i did earn some good gold

Did you also go through the mine?

Once around the mine, once around the island, over to the mainland, back again.

Do this about once an hour or so, and you'll get 3-4 eggs a shot. I was getting about 20 a day.
i never ment it was hard i just ment it took a long time that i rather be doing somthing else
There are some good vids on youtube showing where to spot the eggs. Plus offer some gold for egg spawns over general. I offered 100g per egg spawn each time I was out there, and always got at least a couple. The dailies are definitely tedious, but the rewards are worth it. I got exalted on my paladin in about 10 days.

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