So right now i'm using BoA's with my lvl 35 druid and 18 warlock. Is there a point were I should stop using BoA'a because I know that Blizz changed it up to where you need your total level higher to get into dungeons than gear score, and BoA's always stay item level 1.
questing is always faster then dungeons anyway, even if your a tank or healer the xp per hour is still just below questing.

So stick with all your boas till 81.
Ok thank you.
The real answer is to just keep a chest/shoulder/weps in your bags when you're queuing. You don't even have to be able to equip them.
didnt feel like trollin for hrs and hrs about boa gear, so here it is, i just hit 85 (as of 2-16-2013) on my monk, and my boa's xp expire on 85, i can still use them for the stats til i hit 86 cuz then they are dead, wont lvl anymore correct?
The moment you hit 85, you stop gaining the xp bonus from your 1-85 heirlooms. They'll continue to function as equipment, but you will get better items while questing from 85 to 86.

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