Valhalla vs. Domestic Violence

Real good games guys. I hope to see ya soon for a rematch :)
12/25/2010 2:26 AMPosted by Scoobypoo

9v10 (eulogy, rofl) and no one on our team was listening, it was 4 a.m., good game i guess. You guys didn't stack enough OP classes.

P.S. Zigen, please tell me, what have you ever accomplished in this game? Ok, thanks.
^ basically what he said i mean we don't have a legit team it was late and i threw together who was on, id gladly like to rematch you guys though.
Yeah ill give you that was 4am. Thats why I hope for a rematch soon :P

In my opinion it was a tight game.
btw in here you say vs domestic violence if you count 5 people not in our guild domestic violence ok.
I counted the majority...didn't really feel like armorying all of you.
Lot of domestic qq.
You won because it was Christmas eve, we do our best during Kwanzaa.
I would put DV against any rated BG team on the server... that being said, I'm sure that the match could have gone either way. Good luck in future matches!

best name ever
Domestic violence or not. you tried to stack glads and failed.


merry christmas- god this game is gay
12/26/2010 2:16 AMPosted by Zigenlol
I didn't lose to a bunch of bads with my bunch of bad guildies. Try not to blame it on the time if you're going to sit on at that time, please think about things before you say them, save yourself the heartache of making up another excuse and failing at it.

@mede; they tried to stack "good players" and got rolled by another bunch of bads.

This doesn't change the fact that you're a terrible player that has accomplished nothing in this game. How do you manage to call good players bad when you yourself are beyond terrible? You clearly must have lost to a bunch of bads multiple times or else you would have a title, or ya know, a rating higher than rival rating. You're just an awful player calling out players who are better than you for one mess up.
12/25/2010 3:02 PMPosted by Deebran
Lot of domestic qq.

I hear losing to people's alts makes you good.
Nice racist gchat there.
Screenshotted my game, honored. Still I wont qq like you.
Though it should be.

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