Server Ninjas (confirmed Balduid)

I just want to create a thread to warn people of confirmed server ninjas.
Balduid of Shining Force (Mal'Ganis) was caught ninjaing on December 24 2010 at 12:20 am EST.
Below is a link to evidence.

In this screenshot it shows Baluid of Mal'Ganis ninjaing an item. He wants everyone to need on a leather item but no one but him can and then he offers everyone to roll on the item. After most have rolled on it he leaves but doesn't want to seem like a ninja so he tells his guild to tell the rest that he had to poop really badly (not shown).

In this thread I want everyone to post ninjas. If you can include a screenshot that would be fabulous, thank you.
peace :)
I feel bad for you Soleni. You could have possibly won that BoE, put it up on the AH, and earned yourself 10 to 15 shiny gold tokens.

Of course in the time it took you to upload that screen shot, and write out this ninja post you probably could have farmed 20 times as much gold.

Nubaeus used to have a character in a guild I led (to the ground) when wotlk was new

so in a way I am famous

posting on relevant character since my sexy slender troll warrior's information doesn't want to update
Shining Force has always been ninjas. No surprise here.

Still waiting for my Hibernation Crystal....

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