Who has two thumbs...

12/26/2010 12:16 AMPosted by Lukkan
Having finally bit the bullet and gotten my driver's license (at 24) my family decided to buy my first car for me; got a 2003 Kia Rio. Definitely not the best, but this sure as hell beats taking the bus everywhere.

Grats to you!!

12/26/2010 3:01 AMPosted by Crailtap
I bought myself a new computer + a 27" LED Monitor...soon to buy new computer chair as well, my back will thank me.

Wow nice! I still use my original Dell monitor that I've had for 10 years lol. It just won't die!
I got a Lite-Brite......
I got NCAA 11 football for 360, an AC milan jersey, an Italian national team jersey, and Mexican national team jersey, a Manchester Untd shirt, like 50 bucks in itunes gift cards, about 100 bucks in cash, umm..candy. a couple remote control cars(one already broke), ooh shoot this was suppose to be about your biggest present. I'll stop lol
Got my ticket for my trip to universal paid for. :D
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and (soon to be) a MX 518 logitech mouse.

Also a new suit.

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