Questions on Tanking Paladin

I have seen multiple threads on tanking paladins. All seem to have good advice, but just need a consolidated answer instead of digging.

1) I deal with alot of CC now in dungeons which I am glad to see, but I was just wondering I really like AS the way it is, but since Focused Shield seems much better, what is the recommend standard glyphs that are really good for tanking. Right now I have in CS or HotR still on the fence on those two, then Glyph of Seal of Truth, and Glyph of Shield of the Righteous. Majors are, Divine Plea, Focused Shield, and Lay on Hands, Minors are Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, and Seal of Truth.

2) I have seen many different guidance on new specs...but according to one site this is priority for tanks: Tanking plate: Str, Sta, Hit, Armor, Dodge, Block, Parry, Mastery, Expertise. I would have to say Dodge is a big one...I have seen many a times I avoid 100% of incoming damage...yes I mean physical, I know magical is whole different arena...but we still get pounded ALOT. Hit I know we have to hit the mob to get threat....I understand the rest...but I think alot of tanks (at least low level) don't understand the greatness of dodge.
I just want to know if this is a good priority listing or would you swap some things around. i am thinking blizzard is trying to make us play smart tanks, which I like. In that I mean that we need to THINK about what we wear and how we tank :) I feel 100% horrible if something goes wrong even if it's not on me...because our job is to protect our group....I just hate seeing pump everything into stamina...well that is great but I think we miss out if we focus on just one stat.

3) Which aura is better to use now. I used Devotion Aura throughout WotLK, but to me seems I might have been better with Resistance Aura.

4) For all those tanks out is props to you...tanking is the hardest job and most under appreciated. I played a priest for 80 levels....and to me tanking is much harder and relies ALOT on the quality of the tank and yes the healer.. :) DPS does help to burn crap down, but it takes alot of skill to manage aggro over an entire raid/dungeon.

Since when the hell did Strength come before Stamina?
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