(joke thread) Everytime god sees a prot pally

Spec'd into judgements of the pure he steals a kitten and locks it in his kitten dungeon of terror, please think of the kittens!!! D:
Kittens are evil and must be cleansed off the face of Azeroth. After all, if one of them can call Kel'Thuzad master...
For a joke thread every post seems to lack humor. Perhaps you're the joke?
Ok you want a joke?

What do you call a Tauren with no legs?

Ground beef!

Not mine but still lolworthy.
for a joke thread it wasn't that funny, sure, but i was really bored when i made it, but the jugdements of the pure part wasn't a joke i see far to many prot pallys specing it >.>

p.s. i can't be the joke, i don't control what people type....... yet <.< >.>, have a nice day! :D

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