How bad did they nerf healing?

Did they nerf it that bad? Did they nerf all healers?
Blizz pretty much nurfed all healing. Made the efficient heals not efficient. Boosted the mana cost of everything to where you can go OOM if you have to do lots of healing, although this does get better with gear. Blizz just gave us another nurf with HL not producing Holy Power, so that one is on the back burner. For holy pally's in PVE, use DL and any holy power stuff you have. FoL for really heavy damage. In PVP, whatever you can. No real healing rotation, again ignore HL, too slow, doesn't heal enough unless the person you're healing is going 1v1 with someone else.
It's funny but my experience is so different from Curson's that it's laughable. I typically do two or four times the healing done compared to my next closest competition in battle grounds and while Heroics are rather challenge and there is a risk of oom it's no where near as bad off for paladins as it is for druids. My recommendations are as follows though.

Reforge all your healing gear turning mastery or crit into spirit or haste. You need enough spirit that you can do some fairly heavy healing over a long fight without going oom and you need enough haste to make holy light useful. The first stat you should sacrifice is mastery and if the gear has no mastery then sacrifice crit.

As far as rotations go I often find myself using holy light and holy shock together. Use holy shock to top someone off quickly or catch someone in a bad moment it only has a six second cool down now so there is little fear of it not being there when you need it. What you do need to worry about is having three charges of holly power. This can be for light of dawn but I more often use it for word of glory. You should also make sure you talent to give yourself a 30% chance not to consume word of glory. It a prolonged fight a few extra word of glories can help a lot.

Make sure you're judging as often as you can that 4% mana from judgments is also a major factor in your mana regeneration.

I've been using these methods and so far I've healed for every heroic there is and the tol Barad raid though I don't know how much of a raid I would call that. Oh and don't forget Holy Radiance it is extremely heavy on the mana but is good for recovering the group or saving them after a known aoe.
It seems you know your way around the changes pretty well, so as a leveling Paladin, I have a question about what I should start planning my stats for.

Which of these two is of more importance, Spirit or Haste?
Also, I'm not 100% sure on this, but are we able to add Spirit via reforging, or only Haste?
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It seems you know your way around the changes pretty well, so as a leveling Paladin, I have a question about what I should start planning my stats for.

Which of these two is of more importance, Spirit or Haste?
Also, I'm not 100% sure on this, but are we able to add Spirit via reforging, or only Haste?

At this moment spirit in my opinion. Haste lets you cast heals fast enough but spirit is what keeps you casting. It's unfortunate but you could have all the haste you need but still run a very real risk of running out of mana. It can take some balancing you need enough spirit that you don't run out of mana too quickly but you need enough haste to get the heals where they're needed quickly enough. Fortunately reforging is relatively inexpensive.

You can reforge for spirit or haste though certain items apparently don't let you reforge for one or the other which strikes me as strange.

That said you will still run out of mana at times especially if you forget to use your judgment. It's kind of funny but during blood lust I have to watch my mana bar very closely or I'll use up all my mana or far too much of it.
I for one am glad that healers run out of mana. I'm ret now but I'll eventually build a healing set up. Healing was super boring before cata and people were not running out of mana.

Also for pvp you won't see any garbage where 5 people are hitting a healer for several minutes and are unable to kill them (which has happened in the past). Kudos to bliz
It isn't the healing that's nerfed so much as the mana regen, and the amount of party damage being dished out even by trash mobs. OOMing is a real issue for almost all healers.
I'm cuious main is an 85 resto shaman with item level 123, Which is close to heroic gear. After every other fight I need to drink...

Getting to the point: I recently have been leveling a holy pally (he's 30 now) and was wondering how holy paladins are at healing at 85. The reason I reroled was I think paladins can get away with less mana conservation than other classes... Just keep beacon of light up and you get double the healing for the same mana cost.

I'm really liking holy pally at the lower levels and I've seen a lv 70 freind own in BGs spamming exorcism (once it's talented). Would I be wrong to stick wih my new pally?
Healing wasn't "nerfed", it was changed to fit the new content. I've downed every raid boss on normal and it is a ton of fun. The ToR/LoD nerf was more annoying than problematic (sort of changed the rhythm of my style a bit).

Things get significantly better with gear anyway. My Holy Light is now strong enough and fast enough to be relied on through most heroics (even raids to some extent) where damage isn't overly spikey.
It was "nerfed" from pre-cata to now, but honestly, Ive been topping the charts when I have been raiding, and once I got some decent gear mana is not AS big of an issue anymore. You still have to always be concious of it. But I think experience with Cata healing and better gear/enchants/gems/glyphs goes a long way.
AAni... i see you did headed south.. did u have issues with it? have any tips? should it be 2 healed? pally healer a must? Its the last one i need and the druid i had in my group kept ooming. im a really geared prot pally, even thjo im in holy gear. sitting at 155k unbuffed.
Healing is fine.

The issue is the spolied wrath kids.
When I first started healing in greens it was challenging. When I went to heroics it was VERY tough, though I only did regular 85 dungeons for maybe 5 runs before moving up. Honestly it was so tough and I ran out of mana so quickly I considered dropping back down. Stuck with it and now once at ilvl 336+ I feel like I can actually hold up a weak party. If the DPS isn't very fast, I can usually heal long enough to win anyways.

Nothing trumps stupid, however. You CANNOT waste mana on dumb DPS standing in extreme AOE. A couple times a run I have to make the split second decision to cast a heal at the tank and not wipe or try to keep a DPS alive, too. Guess what I pick. I've downed bosses with just 1 DPS alive after 50%. Only times I've downed one without a tank was sub 10%.

Overall, I've never had more fun healing. It reminds me of Heroic Durnholde or beginning TBC 25 man raid healing (Maulgar/Gruul in poor gear), only difference being Paladins now have more variety and strategy to heals rather than start casting Holy Light, if tank is at 100% near the end of the cast then cancel, if not let it go off. Repeat.
I'm liking the changes to healing, makes running heroics a lot more challenging and fun. Definitely keeps me on my toes.

It's also nice having the bad healers weeded out from the good ones...
And hearing when my group will toss out a "good heals!" or "great job healer" in party chat.

I agree with above statements though, spirit is a -must-

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