Stats for Shadow

Hey I understand generally what stats I need, but Id like to know the order so I can reforge a bit. Crit, mastery,haste? I mainly pvp btw.
It seems like mastery is sort of weak, and I dont know really how haste affects dots. I havent really ever played shadow before this xpac so im pretty lost lol.


You're level 45.
My characters name is Priestnate on Mal'ganis if you want to armory him.
I just hit lvl 85 today, and got like 9 pieces of new gear, two pvp and a few from a normal dungeon run, and I wanted to reforge some of it.

Anyway, an answer to my question would be nice.
Then please post on that toon.

As for stats you need to remember that primary stats will scale a bear minimum of twice as well as any secondary stat, that goes for hit(spirit) as well. When it comes to secondary stats for raiding i recommend hitting about 15% hit then reforging for haste.

I typically itemize for items with spirit/haste, however if they are not available I reforge for haste if there is no haste on the item I will reforge the weakest stat to haste. If there is Haste on the item reforge the Crit or Mastery to Spirit.

That will be your best bet and help you out the most.
Yeah but this seems to be for raiding, I said before I was wondering about pvp.
12/27/2010 3:12 PMPosted by Priestnate
Yeah but this seems to be for raiding, I said before I was wondering about pvp.

For PvP, get PvP gear for resil. Reforge spirit, mastery and go for int, some hit, some spell pen, crit, haste. This will where you will victory against lesser geared and/or skilled. Those classes with stuns and crap and better gear and getting heals will kill you every time, unless you personally have an uber-pocket healer and more firepower. It's like common sense. Teamwork, teamwork!

But nothing is funner than jumping in the middle of a pile of red names, fear and run around in circles DoTing and disperse and die. Then watch some of them die from the DoTs.

I have a good time, your mileage may vary.

Haste is the best secondary stat for PvP because it helps you avoid pushback/interrupts, which are a huge problem for shadow. It makes your dots tick faster but does not reduce their duration, which is also good. Crit of course ups your burst potential, but aside from that it has no particular benefit. Mastery is terrible. You won't be able to keep up empowered shadows with any kind of regularity, and the occasional boost to a single mind blast is not worth it. Oh, and both shadow orbs and empowered shadows are dispellable.
Get that talent that fears them when they dispel your DoTs. That's pretty funny. Or not, once people figure out not to dispel priest DoTs.

Crit with mind spike spam when you're not focus'd is a thing of beauty, imo.

so haste then?
Can you even reforge to int? I dont think so.
Don't think so. All our gear comes with stam and int. Haste for a sure thing, crit if you don't care and occasional Big Numbers make you happy. Hit cap if you're going to raid.

Mixed opinions on Mastery. Most hate it cuz it's RNG based. I think I'll reforge everything back to gobs of Mastery and see what happens. Or when my gear gets better. Or when I remember. It's only gold.

Here is what you want to do (follow this order exactly):

1) Make sure you are hit capped for level 85 targets (~420ish I believe)

2) Get 240-250 spell pen

3) Haste

4) Crit

5) Mastery

You should be shooting for 2500-3000 resil and around 120k hp self-buffed. That will ensure that you are doing enough damage and living long enuogh to do it.

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