Its all gonna be OK!

Yes, its harder to heal
Yes, we have to push more than a couple buttons, cant overheal the moon away and will go oom if not careful

The thing I dont think people are grasping is that people are not going to be Pro thier first Heroic.

You need gear/enchants/gems/be properly glyphed and talented for your style, along with properly reforged.

When I first started heroics I would go oom almost every pull, trash included, had to be innervated on some bosses and needed those f'in expensive mana pots and always ate spirit food.

With gear at 344, gem'd, enchanted, , reforged, glyphed for my style (and still eating spirit food), life has gotten much easier. Mana is still watched, and will go oom or near to on bad tank pulls or with cc screwups (as I watch a trap fly past the mob coming straight at me), but with regular pulls, i.e. NOT pulling two skeletons in SFK, im just fine with mana

In raids we rock. Limited experience so far, but both raids I have done have me at the top of the charts.

So have some patience, slug through the heroics for Justice Points, mow down regulars if you need rep to get gear, have a BS craft you some gear.

But it does get easier.
You are Holy. I think the main spec that's broken is Ret. Glad to see Pallies of any sort doing good..... but Ret. is down right awful and broken. If everything works out I can do OK at best. If we could survive longer we might do fine but survivability is zilch. If you try to heal you run OOM and are lucky if you get half the HP you lost back. Sometimes my healing is pretty close to my dps.......and all I really heal is myself. But I'm still dying. None of it makes sense.
My OS is ret, I feel your pain there. Yay having to use LoH when questing just to stay alive! ... sigh.
I've never had to use LoH to stay alive while questing...

We have Crusade for a reason, having Holy Light heal for 20-25k is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
I use all other heals before LoH to try to stay alive. Once I've exhausted all other efforts I use LoH. I can't heal myself back to full Hp even after fights without using Divine Plea or food. Been thinking about having some sort of potion available for one mega heal but that would get expensive or require me to change professions. It would also be on a god awful cooldown just like everything else we rely on. Using holy power to heal does work on occasion. But I find that the hits I take mostly beat out the heals I make even with zealotry.

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