Best place to farm frostweave?

I'm ten levels behind in my tailoring and was wondering where is the best place to farm frostweave, anyone have suggestions?
I have been painstakingly trying to find "good" places to farm frostweave myself. All in all I want a mob that is consistent and drops more than 1-2 frostweave on average, preferably easy to kill.

When I farm cloth in general, I look for humanoid mobs that wear cloth (aka casters, or ogres, since the ogre men love their loincloths) and have found that train of thought works well in the past. I also figured to pick a spot in one of the starting zones, considering the mobs are lower levels and easier to down/stay alive.

After a few hours of "research", I have found that the conflagration in Icecrown has the most consistency for frostweave drops. It's location is the huge expanse directly west of Ymiren (sp?). There are groups of 8 Converted heroes that are easily pulled one-by-one (even if you're that level) or if you go directly northeast of that area you'll find fallen heroes that have not been converted. HOWEVER the drops that i have found were mostly 1 frostweave cloth on average. (i think i got 2 and 3 frostweave from a single mob once, each.) But most mobs do drop (one) frostweave.

Sooo... if you or someone you know has a better place for frostweave since Cataclysm has come out, please speak up. I saw another post was something about frostweave cloth being a rare item, and with those drop rates, i wonder... I mean, if i were geared enough to solo a northrend dungeon, I'd do it. But alas, I'm still a squishy mage.
Nice idea. Thanx for the info :)
Further note - I got a tip from someone mentioning the little wolf men faction dropping a good amount in Scholazar Basin. This may be a good idea, but I couldn't tell you since I'm not hated with them. While leveling this character, I had other toons to play so I didn't bother with questing in LK all that much, knowing that Cataclysm was coming out and these factions wouldn't be that important anymore. (All I did was dungeons while she was rested, making life that much easier.)

So, these neutral little mobs are probably easy for me to kill, but they're all 'invalid' targets. I thought about picking up the quest that takes me through the LARGE quest chain to pick a faction, or even just as far as friending the lizard men so the wolf men are easily killable, but that also requires some prior quests to be done which I was not about. At least not today.

So.... if you're making a tailor and leveling through LK you MAY want to take the time to go to the basin at lvl 76, doing the first whatever quests and then going through some of the big quest chain involving the two factions to get hated on the wolf-men side. At this point I feel like if I find it's extremely easy, with great drops, I'm going to kick myself for not doing it and possibly go back and do some scholazar quests.
Max level northrend humanoids.

The AH might be better though.
Supply and demand. The AH is super inflated from tailors needing this cloth. I spent like 400g from 400-410 so far.
I've always farmed it in Zul'Drak. Lots of humanoid mobs, quick kills, lots of cloth (especially on a tailor).
You could try your hand at clearing normal mode dungeons?
01/14/2011 10:10 AMPosted by Qenna
Further note - I got a tip from someone mentioning the little wolf men faction dropping a good amount in Scholazar Basin.

I recently finished doing the dailies for their opposing faction. One of the quests is to charge a superpower orb and kill 30 of them within 9 minutes (it actually takes about 2 minutes max). They each have a drop which makes it unique to other 'mass kill' quests.

Anyways, my point was, very little Frostweave if any.
I don't know about now, but in wrath i always farmed on the converted heroes mentioned in western icecrown (my tailor alt is a demo lock so i just aoe'ed the 8 packs).

Another option is just northeast of them, there is a small area with 3 colored cauldrons (used for some crappy daily no one ever did) and there are a ton of single-pull mobs around them. The reason this place is mentioned also is the fact the respawn rate on those mobs is VERY high (at 80 once you'd finished clearing the place the initial side would be re-poping). They are slightly lower level (and a bit less cloth drop) but much, MUCH easier to farm if you don't want to do the heroes.

Then again... at 85 a pack of 8 mobs with like 14k health each should be laughable to aoe grind on just about any character lol.
Make sure you pick up 'Northern Cloth Scavenging' if you are a tailor. Helps by giving you additional cloth from mobs.
i farmed it in northrend. at the place where theres like 1000 bone guys in frount of a gate and *!@@loads of little chained huminoids who are alll grouped up for a nice aoe find out where that is and go there got 8 stacks and a full bag of grays in an hour
If you have your thing that makes cloth drop more in Northrend go check out the furry guys in Dragonblight, southeast sector. They're kinda spread out but easy to kill.
Normal mode dungeons will only net you one to two full stacks of frostweave per run. My warlock also can clear a few wrath heroics and he usually has two to three stacks after a heroic.

I still say sholazar basin humanoids are the most fun for me. I don't like the dark icecrown theme, not pleasant grinding for me :-).
By far the best place is the Conflagration in Icecrown. Because there is a quest in Icecrown where you have to kill about 100 of the converted heros, they roam in packs of 6-8 and can drop 1-4 frostweave each. The banner carriers that walk with them also drop frostweave. Went in as an 85 dk and pulled the whole group at once: death and decay, blood boil, all dead in about 5 sec. I got 13 stacks of frostweave in the first 40 minutes. As long as the quest exists, the respawn rate is so fast you will never run out of groups. And it never gets old. Even after I got up to 425 tailoring I stayed for another couple hours and made about 1000g at the auction house. Obviously, it will be harder at lower levels - definitely a fantastic way to make serious money at 85. FW goes for 45g a stack on our server now that Cata is out.

Onslaught Harbor used to be just as good, but they must of changed it because I didn't get doody in 45 minutes there (1 1/2 stacks).
AOE farm the Cult of the Damned encampments near the Argent Tournament. (more than one.)

Or the island north of it.
I get tons when I solo northrend heroics.

I'm also raising explorer's rep that way, getting gold, etc. So its not a bad way to get the frostweave.
Converted Heroes in Icecrown. That's where I got all my frostweave. Easy to kill one at a time or AoE.
From perusing the drop rates on Wowhead, it appears that the Converted Heroes are your best bet outside of dungeons.
Northwest Icecrown, converted heros run through a big gap there. You don't even have to move they run at you 3-4 at a time.

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