Holy Spec: Haste or Crit?

So Im building up my holy gear. Having a lot of fun healing as a paladin. I want to thank Blizzard for making Cata as hard as it is. Too many players stuck on padding their DPS numbers rather than doing what's needed for the group. It's not all about you anymore!

I'm not seeing any guides stickied up, so I was hoping an exp Holy Paladin could tell me their thoughts on Haste and Crit. Should I be stacking haste gems and getting to a cap at all? So far, Im just stacking Intellect. What about Crit? Where does it stand in importance?

Thanks in advance for any mature, constructive responses! :D
There has been long, colorful and sometimes painful debate on this. The short answer is, if you feel your casts are too slow (i.e. someone died because your casts are too slow), you need more haste. Once you're comfortable with haste, then get more crit and mastery. So far, it looks like you want to keep crit and mastery at a 1:1 ratio, but the math's not done yet.

For details, please see:

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