What is a Paladin?

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Throughout the years, through all the revisions and reimaginings of what a Paladin should be... Blizz has turned Pallies into a walking mummy of patches, bandages and fixes. But what should a Paladin really be? What do you imagine when you think of the Paladin class?

What I imagine is a bastion of defense - the definition of the word, really. A gleaming, towering beacon of goodness that can protect anyone under its wing. The Paladin fights with the power of love, and so, can take the strongest beatings... but it's not so hateful that it can deal the strongest blows. So in short, Defense > Attack, in all specs.

- For Holy Pallies, I see a combination healer and defender... not defender in the respect that they tank, or gain threat, but they can shield others with their own armor.
- For Prot Paladins, they are absolute defenders. They do little damage as all, but their threat comes from their love of others (i.e. a little bit of healing)... maybe the opposite of Holy.
- And the biggest... Ret. Ret is currently marketted as a Holy slayer of evil, but I see them as a defender (once again) that fights by becoming a master of combat. Anything you throw at him, he shrugs it off (like prot), but he can't generate much threat. He kills you by witling you down, destroying your ability to hurt others, and getting procs to spread support to others (heals, defenses). The ret is impossible to burst down, has lots of heals, but doesn't kill as fast as other classes. He is great in 1v1 (though a slow kill), but in multi-combat, he is better for his support mechanics.

*TL;DR version: I imagine Paladins should be THE penultimate defensive class in the game, and because of that, should lose some offensive abilities. Do you agree with this? If not, how do you feel they should function? *
What is a Paladin?

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What is a Paladin?

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i think paladin is a pretty cool guy, eh defends his allies and doesnt afraid of anything
You make Paladins sound like a bunch of tree-hugging, raindow fashioned hippies. What's all this love nonsense?
hmm....Palies are marketed as defence classes in many other mmorpg so I kind of like blizz definition (though I'm leaning toward more of the Diablo 2 palies). Maybe something to reconcile with your original post maybe have palies be marked as always having 1-h and shield - but with their emphasis different still. Oh but with everything they do they heal as a side effect. Like fighters who fight with the light and so side effect is that their allies get healed

Holy - Heal of course
Tank - protect and side effects of healing (not as much as holy)
Ret - Holy dmg - side effect as healing (not as much as holy)

So maybe my idea of palies are those knight-errants sword and shield doing damage with the side effect of healing - with my sword hand I take life, with my shield hand I protect it.

2-h weapons seemed more like "berserker/warrior/barbarian" than palie to me.
12/27/2010 4:29 PMPosted by Xiahoukai
2-h weapons seemed more like "berserker/warrior/barbarian" than palie to me.

I whole heartedly agree.
We are the class with fabulous hair

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