Low level healing questions.

(Basic newbie here!)

I want to try LFD healing on this Paladin but I'm having a hard time finding mail armor with Int and Spi on it. What do you guys recommend? Should I switch to leather when I'm in an LFD since I shouldn't be getting hit?

I also planned on leveling as Holy. I know it's not recommended but I just want to learn the spec as I progress.

There's nothing wrong with leveling as Holy, I did it back when... well, let's just say that things have improved a hundredfold.

For healing, use whatever you can get your hands on that has intellect, spirit, haste, or crit on it. There are a few scattered Holy Paladin quest pieces around, you just have to keep your eye out for them. What's harder to find are healing maces/swords/axes and shields - much of what you'll come across is either a staff or a dagger. Just do what you can as you go, and have fun.
Actually, you have a pretty good chance of finding caster chain/plate and usable caster weapons while in Looking For Dungeon groups, so just stick with what ya got, and as soon as you see it, Need it.

It is true that said gear is tough to find on the outside, but just tough it out, or try an' save up enough money to buy a piece off the Auction House. That can be tough, but use your trade skills to your advantage, and you should be able to make the money you need.

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