Musings on Retribution

While I doubt this will get a blue reply, I'm hoping that a few of you may consider bumping it. ;)

With the announced changes to Mastery and Divine Purpose (much needed, thank you Blizzard), I'm really hoping that Blizz won't just call it a day after looking at some DPS charts. There are quite frankly other aspects of playing a DPS class.

Let's look at assassination rogues. On the surface, they're actually somewhat similar to ret paladins. Combo Points vs Holy Power, Deadly Poison vs Censure, and Envenom vs TV. Admittedly, the interactions roughly end there, but they're not wholly dissimilar.

Now...I'm not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, I think it's kind of a great thing. Except it needs to go just a little bit further in some of the directions other than just raw single target damage. Having played an assassination rogue, I can say that it's very solid - the rotation fits well and it's multi-dimensional with regards to stats (although crit is maybe a little weak).

So here are a couple of thoughts that would sort of shift us in that direction...but the real point here is to achieve some level of parity.

1) AE damage - Okay look, Fan of Knives is absolutely amazing. Kudos to the dev that designed that one, I mean it. Rogues can put out some silly good damage due to spreading all the poisons around. So here's a thought - why not buff up DS to 100% weapon damage (seriously, CS is 149%, we have no reason to use DS single target), and then have it proc the active seal? Basically allow for Censure to be spread around, giving us some decent AE damage. Right now it's quite pitiful. It would also be really great to have DS give a charge of Holy Power, but I'm not necessarily holding my breath on that one.

TL, DR: DS needs 100% Weapon Damage and should proc Seal effect on all targets. Adding a HoPo charge would be nice too.

2) Self Healing - Rogues have recuperate, which on the surface of it seems that they're spending a lot of CP just to heal up. Thing is, while it's a DPS loss, they get CP way way faster than we do, and Recup far far outshines WoG. Especially with Imp Recuperate, which just about every rogue can pick up...they really help the healers out in a lot of situations.

Well, we lost JoL. I understand why - 1% heal on hit for the entire raid just gets a bit nutty with hit point pools as they are, and it's an incredibly powerful debuff. But in part, that ability was a LARGE chunk of ret's solo heal ability. Spamming WoG isn't the same and completely cripples our DPS. So why not have Crusader Strike heal us for 1 or 2% on hit? I'm keeping the other specs in mind as I say that, and quite frankly, after seeing what a Blood DK can do in terms of self-heal, that would not overpower Protection Paladins at all - it would bring them closer to parity with DKs and druids (who scale amazingly well). I'll wait and see with warriors, but if they're ever able to Block Cap, they'll be the far superior tank in terms of survivability given their Mastery.

TL, DR: Add a 1 or 2% self-heal on Crusader Strike (probably okay for all specs and would greatly aid in leveling a paladin)

Basically I'm holding judgement on our single target DPS, but we've fallen far behind many other classes in two realms that ret paladins were historically decent at - AE damage and self healing. I hope some of you out there agree with me.

With the divine purpose change, we will either lose or gain holy power change. Hand of Light is either some or none while the old divine purpose gave some "almost" flow to our rotation. Ret needs a steady way of gaining holy power that's only cost is GCD's just like rogues do.

As for the self healing, I agree with it simply because it seems like every other class seems to have "offgcd" self heals of some % which they deal damage in order to acheive so by performing their roll they gain survivability. For ret, when they do damage, they have a choice of losing dps for heals or maintaining their dps.

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