When does weekly guild rep cap reset?

I would've thought it reset by now, but I'm still not getting any rep. I've done dailies, and a guild H random.
Seems to be a known bug that has been acknowledged by blues but not admitted in "Known Issues" that people frequently do not see their guild rep gain cap reset. I believe it's -supposed- to reset Tuesday morning.
So if it's broken for me I just open a ticket?

I hope this is fixable... I already missed getting the guild achievs on launch day because I wasn't on for the first 10 hours. Don't want to miss the revered achievs. :(
3:00AM ST on Tuesday.
i was almost honored and now i ahve to wait till tuesday great
Seems this bug is wider spread than we thought. Im maxxed on rep cap, have been for a week, 3am came and went and nothing reset.
Same here
The guild rep doesn't always reset at 3 am. Some days it's 4:30, some days it's 6 am... it's kinda random but usually before the typical "server maintenance" times start on Tuesdays. So I'd say... wait until noonish at least before you get too worried.
Mine does on Tuesday morning, right about the time the dailies reset.

I get off work at 4:30 am central, then get home shortly. I play for maybe an hour plus before the dailies reset, with the guild rep percentage thing resetting around the same time.
10:00 am est no reset yet.................someone wake blizz up
the rep cap is to small imo
Yeah, I agree with it being too small. Honestly, I think it's stupid that there's a cap to begin with, but I guess there's a reason for it.. somewhere. Mine cut me off 34 points from Revered! Now I have to wait
I was at 19234 guild rep on friday and then i hit the weekly cap:(
same here :(
its not fair becuse i capped on tuesday...

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