[H] Good realm to transfer to?

Aerie Peak
My friend is on this realm, but he's on alliance (getting a faction change) so I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some light on how the horde is on this server.

How's world and battlegroup PVP? Balanced? Alliance always wins? Horde Always wins?

Are there any casual guilds that still run raids? (PVE and PVP raids) and by casual I mean a guild that won't boot you after not being online for a day.

Basically just looking for an overall feel of the realm and how the community is.

Thank you for the info!

One question though, when you say mature trade chat do you mean that it's a boring bunch of people who can't crack a joke or are they more mature in a way that they're funny but not spamming obscenitys every five seconds.

Basically is it boring.
I don't really mind if the raid progression is slow as long as I'll be able to get in a guild that will run raids once in awhile. Not looking to be the first person to down Deathwing or anything like that. I'll put a horde char on there today and see what the chats are like.

Thank you both for your input! It has helped my decision alot.
There's horde on this server?
01/04/2011 2:38 PMPosted by Buttonz
There's horde on this server?

who the !#*% are you?

I'm me! Duh

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