Rated BGs Now Award Honor at Conquest Cap

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Purposed change for rated battlegrounds to implement competitive play for both premades and pugs:

Ideally, it would work the same as starcraft 2 with a "bonus points system", and MMR (Match Making Rating) that starcraft 2 has, I don't see why this wasn't implemented in the first place, as the formula for this was already implemented within battle.net for Sc2 itself....and would seamlessly be easy to transfer over.

You could face RT vs AT or RT vs. RT or AT vs AT....(Arranged Team's & Random Teams) based on your mmr value, you would gain points, and move up in rank (new titles) and then the titles would allow you to purchase the gear (sort of like in classic, but not with the mentality of time > skill that it use to be. They could also make the gear cost gold, or "honor" & gold or whichever way you decide to spin it..that would be up to blizzard themselves.

All this would do is group you vs your skill level teams so there would be no "Rolling pugs", because if the people with high mmr value's got grouped together they would know what they were doing, and it would be an enjoyable match.

low mmr = scrub matches
med mmr = decent matches
high mmr = high end pvp matches with tournament type skilled players.

while the change is nice i would rather u fixed the problem with wins countin as losses instead
Why would I waste time with rated bg's when I can cap conquest in 20 minutes of arena.

Now, if you had a bg-cap and an arena-cap, you might get my attention.
Because people are after getting title's like Vanilla WoW through the Rated BGs again.
Are there any plans to extend this system to arenas, awarding honor to the winning team after reaching the conquest cap for the week (and scaling the amount of honor earned relative to the size of the arena)?
You know would be great? IF rated BGs awarded rating points for winning too... I have had like 5 games already count as losses... the last 4 games in a row all counted as losses even though we won.

That would be a great thing to fix. None of us care about honor... we are all already capped
I got under 40 honor for winning a rated BG with my conq capped. Thats nothing....
It's too bad I can't do any kind of premade PvP on this server.
The problem with all the proposed PUG rated BG's is how you determine a persons contribution to the BG.

Counting damage, healing, and HK's would just lead to more deathmatching.

Counting how many wins a person has makes it unfair for someone who get's put in a group with a bunch of bots or if a bot gets lucky and gets wins because the rest of his team is good, should he get the rating and conquest points for that?

If you go by giving rating to people who cap flags or bases, it gets difficult to determine who did their part in getting that objective. 5 people could attack an FC in WSG but only one of them gets credit for the flag return, how would you determine who gets rewarded for that?

And the difference between getting a PUG in trade and a PUG through a queue system is that in trade you can do gear checks before doing the BG whereas in a queue you could have someone who just hit 85 in greens trying to do rated BGs.

I could be wrong about something or maybe i'm missing something but I don't see how you can have a queue system for rated BGs other than maybe the 5/10/15 idea.
I dont know why you guys want to Pug rated bgs?

You do normal bgs and complain when you get stomped by a 5man premade.

You do rated bgs with a pug and get stomped by a 10man premade.

you guys are so confusing :|
How much honor are the Rated BG's supposed to award when you're capped?

We seemed to get less honor for the Rated BG than we would have for doing a Random.

That can't be right, can it???
Rated BG's are a complete failure because nobody participates.

GG blizz and arena is even more imbalanced than it's ever been.

I put my cancel in today because this has been the biggest collection of pvp failures wow has ever seen.
Rated battlegrounds is still a failure.

Less than one month after rated battlegrounds released and you are already trying to increase participation. Try looking at suggestions here for making rated BGs single queue and performance based instead of trying to save the miserable ship you sailed.
12/29/2010 10:30 AMPosted by Evall
I know a great solution to promote continued play. Allow us to queue for rated BG's using the random BG feature as a pug.

This is a nice feature they have added, but I agree with the above quote. I would love to partake in rated battlegrounds... but it is just not feasible for me to corral 9 or 14 other people to do it with on a regular basis.

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