Rated BGs Now Award Honor at Conquest Cap

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12/29/2010 10:41 AMPosted by Arwên
Whats the point pugs will get absolutely slaughtered. This will just frustrate pugs.

Let the people who want to do them in PUGs worry about that.

We are not worried about it, so why should you be?

It is one of the dumbest things I ever saw before rated bgs started, people would see a premade on the other side and automatically not play or quit... Like being in a premade is some guarantee to being good or successful.

Not to mention with the rating system it is not an issue. PUGs would be lower rated and face other PUGs or bad premades.. Again people who want this change are fine with all of that.

The good thing that would come from allowing single queueing is you would get people playing rated BGs together who would potentially get to play with each other, and seek each other out for premade groups. This would help improve the number of premade teams in Rated BGs as well.

There is no good reason not to do it.

12/29/2010 1:32 PMPosted by Wolfhoof
A normal Bg rewards blue gear. If you want conquest points you either form a full team for the 10v10 or 15v15 or you make an arena team. Honestly it is far easier to make a 2 man arena team to cap points for the week than do a rated bg.

Rated is for premades. normal is for pugging. The people in my team are beyond tired of rolling pugs and want real matches. take your 5 people and go join the bot infested normal bg's.

Going into a BG with anything short of a full team opens up the possiblity to having a bot, someone who only wants to deathmatch or yell obscenities at you.

They are all yours now.

Pugs wanted to not get rolled by premades. They got their wish. Sorry that that means you also get more bots but you just can't have everything.

You keep saying these same bad things... but you do understand that if you have a premade team you will not have any bots on your team and you will not have anyone yelling obscenities at you?

It is not clear if you even understand what people are asking for... You will not even play these PUG teams if you are so awesome at Rated BGs.

So why do you care? Don't tell me you are one of those people who just like to try and deny others access to content to make themselves feel better?

12/29/2010 8:07 PMPosted by Wolfhoof
Do you think you stand even a semblance of a chance against a group that is fully coordinated and better geared? Do you really want to bring the plague of unrated BGs to this enviornment?

A glaring issue is if they did allow pugs to queue it would basically create an environment where premade teams for which rated was made for would exist largely for the pug's enjoyment.

A pug group would likely have no discernible rating and in turn not give anything to the TEAM that beat them. Wasting the teams time (long 30 minute queue if you're horde) for nothing.

So no. No 5 man pug queue for RATED bg's.

Again you don't seem to understand how ratings work.

Why is this so often the case for people opposing allowing PUGs into rated BGs?

Explain to me how ratings work, because I know you are going to claim you do, but from what you have posted you clearly do not.

12/29/2010 10:30 AMPosted by Evall
I know a great solution to promote continued play. Allow us to queue for rated BG's using the random BG feature as a pug.
There is no point in awarding honor when nobody is willing to do rated battlegrounds. My guild has lost well over 300 points to this glitch. Like other have stated if this happened to a raid boss it would be a catastrophe and I am sure you would reimburse the players the gear or some other thing to compensate. I would like to see those players who have lost their rating to this glitch have it corrected.

As others have stated these rotating 10v10 and 15v15 weeks cause nothing but drama. My guild has to tell 5 people every other week they can not participate in rated battlegrounds, and this has cause members to leave start drama and many other issues. It would be nice to see these broken into brackets so we can keep even teams, and can do 15v15 when everyone is one and 10v10 when only the main group is, instead of putting 5+ people on the sideline for an entire week.
I am interested in trying out rated bgs but I feel like its impossible to get into it. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I know with rated bgs is that you don't need to start a team roster like with arena. That right there is an indication that Blizzard believes that there are core differences between battlegrounds and arena.

Honestly, I disagree. I feel as though you can apply exactly the same logic to both arena and battlegrounds provided that your team roster never needs to exceeds above 5 active players exactly like 5s arena. Likewise you can allow random queue Arena that rewards only honor exactly like you do with battlegrounds vs rated battlegrounds. Arena vs rated Arena. Rated gives the good stuff and requires a team non-rated gives honor .

And on that note, if you are not willing to make smaller scale battlegrounds that support 5v5 games. A small scale 5v5 capture the flag or 5v5 eye of the storm with only 2 bases and one flag could be fun as hell. But if you cannot do this then the next best thing will be to combine groups of 5 based on MMR. Only reward teams for winning games and allow people to blacklist teams if they choose to.
Great news, now if we could only work on a fix honor ammount for capped arenas. you know, at least 15-35 honor points per over cap win, to make getting a higher raiting worth fighting for.
At what rating does the glitch of getting awarded a loss for a win start? I've only done a few rated bg but I'll be sure to let my guild know when we get close to that rating so we can wait until it gets fixed.

Regarding the participation. I haven't noticed a lack of participation at the rating that I'm at. Then again I'm alliance and we get 1min ques.
does the regular 2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5 arenas add honor after conquest cap!?
Personaly i ahte how everything requires a arena team or a whole guild to get point's most people do better on there own + we all hate the 36min que wait in pve i was asked to make a suggestion on the forums so im saying it now, since dungeons have become more dificult why not lighten up on people that wanna pvp id pvp all day grinding double the honor if it ment i was able to get the epic pvp gear!
I don't see the problem with pug rated bg's.

You'd be grouped with people in your same relative rating bracket, say, 0-300, 300-600, etc....

You'd be going against another pugge'd group.

Each time this queue pops there would be an additional 1.5 minutes for each team to "strategize", since they were not given that opportunity prior to the queue pop.

and now if blizz REALLY wanted to make it work, and fair, there would be a built in vent for each "team" that you could optionally use if you wanted, but of course only people in that team could get in that vent.

It could work, if they wanted it to work, it could work.
Puggable rated BG's please.

Look, I am perfectly happy with honor pvp gear, however without raiding much and enjoying solo pvp I am day-by-day discouraged at participating in the way system works. With pugable rated BG's I will have a fair chance at obtaining a descent weapon. Gear I can forgo having top notch.

Seeing how towards the end of WoTLK players were able to purchase top gear using honor system, I was really hoping this trend would continue. Those who whine about us not doing enough to earn then, what do you care? It's about "mad skillz" right "bro"? Then a chump like a fully geared player should not be an issue to your 1337 sauce bag of tricks, naturally --just the kind of players I hope to run into in fact when in pvp, unfortunately having a 500-ish GS difference I can barely tolerate, but when I am 1000 spell power behind at the same time that's a tough cookie to swallow. Granted, for now there will be heroics. What about in the future? Puggable rated BG's would resolve this issue nicely. Let those who have real lives, who wish to spend time with their girlfriends at night, work during the day, and have a few hours to kill be able to do something solo.
Is this update to PTR? I just did a couple rated BG's and I am getting honor from doing in-game stuff (kills, objectives), but winning gave me nothing?

Plus I am getting a win and a loss from every match I win?
You should have arenas award honor when at weekly cap also.
And why can't you do the same for arenas?

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