Rated BGs Now Award Honor at Conquest Cap

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I dont see why the 'elitists' should be against random RBG queing. It would let people like me, with %*!!ty pools of people to work with if anyones even available, still queue up for them, taking the risk of a bad group, and would then give you all who want to do 10man premades a much easier time of it. Win-win as far as I can see.

I mean, I love doing battlegrounds, but all it turns into is honor >trade goods>AH, and an AFK blind man could farm the mats more efficiently than that method.
omg the whole point of rated bgs was to make it organized guys . . .
if you can queue for a random rated bg wats the difference between a random bg?
random people can go for the best equips, and drag other people down
If u can't do rbg's that doesn't affect u that much, do arenas to get your cap high

and this is not biased . . i dont do rbgs at all and i really wish i could,
but making them able to be pugged is just stupid
This is only awarding about 100 honor per win of a rated game when capped.

I would like to see an equivalent amount of honor vs. the amount of conquest points you would normally receive for a win.
rbgs were alright when you could do them for fun and rating, tbh i cant get a team on my garbage server. its totally uncalled for to be forced into doing something for conq cap. = /
were paying 15 bucks a month to be forced to play rbgs in order to get capped and not play how we want to. idk how much longer i want to pay for my account if this doesnt get fixed = / games already bad, dont make it any worse please
Making groups for rated BG's isn't an easy task due to either lack of people, or time. Making it a requirement in order to get your cap is indeed getting out of hand. Honestly, waiting for this to be fixed.
It isn't a requirement. You can purchase the remaining Conquest points you need with valor points. Seeing that the trade is 250 VP for 250 CP, that will leave you at 1600 CP, and you can get the rest of the points you need by doing you daily BG wins.
Today I spent two hours trying to completely cap my conquest points for the week.

I spent forty five minutes in Orgrimmar waiting for my RBG group to fill up.

I spent twenty five minutes watching my pug group lose miserably against a much more organized and well-geared team.

I spent the next thirty minutes trying to find people to replace those who left.

This change was not well thought out. I live in East Asia, where the time difference from here and my server time is 14 hours. Finding a consistent 2's partner to arena with me is hard. Finding consistent 3's partners to arena with me is even harder. Finding a group of 10 people who will be on at the same time as me to run RBG's so I don't have to spend nearly an hour finding pugs? Yeah, it's not going to happen.
The rated BG system is broken. I've done 10+ games now and every time we sit in queue for 10+ min to get matched vs. a 10v10 and 8 of their 10 guys have a 1900+ rating while we have guys that have never won a rated BG aka 0 rating and our highest rated person is in the 300's.

Also with that many healers in a Rated BG the flags in EOTS and other flag base nod maps is wrong, all they do is heal and interupt, theres no killing, you can beat on them for 5 min and nothing. The first team to cap a nodes flag holds it the entire game because you can never kill down the 2-3 healers they have at a node. Please take out the flags from EOTS in rated BG and put it back to the original method. I guess Rated BG's is still just for the elitists.
Blizzard, whatever you do, dont allow ppl to que for rbgs as a pug thing. I love them the way they are. Where a good team faces another good team. And ppl that actually pug ppl to do rbgs ALWAYS lose. I am reaching 2000 rating with my guild team. And allowing pugs would make it insanly easy to get 2400 rating.
One thing I want to know is that why did they make it so many years ago to where regular battlegrounds do not function as a Rated Battleground? I remember at level 60 you fought with people of all ranks but mostly those in your guild or circle of friends.
I think everyone here missed the bigger picture..

Dear blizz,
Spend less time giving people an overabundance of crap, and start balancing PvP again.

Years ago, there was no such thing as a battlegroup, just your realm. There were PvP guilds, and PvE guilds, also casuals :P

After the honor system was done away with, my realm died down a lot and a few little pvp guilds broke apart, or split, the main ones stayed strong until arena came out.

Since then the pvp guilds became virtually nonexistent after the BC Xpack, once transfers were available they all flocked towards Darkspear over the years.

Now populations are starting to thin out on most servers due to this, as well as many people that I know of and the PvE/ PvP guilds that once flourished on my realm all died, except for a select few who are no where near what they use to be in their prime.

I really don't like the option of transfering/realm faction changes, it builds up one side and leaves the rest of the realms/factions to struggle to survive locally. Either that or join the herd on the overpopulated servers.

Perhaps, this will bring everyone storming back in to RBG's, this is the cornerstone that we've been missing! (Joking)

BG's became boring without competition, the ranking system in classic promoted this since it only required an individuals own effort to reach this goal, regardless of the server or faction. This requires an effort produced by 9 or 14 others. Teams will break apart, some with be made up of horrible teams, others will do fine.

What I'm going with this is that it's not whether or not people will get into RBG's, they are for people who can commit to being part of a team, PuGs and casuals will never do this. Only on rare occasions do I get a surprisingly epic match with just pugs, and this is extremely rare indeed. It is also very difficult to get a RBG going on servers due to the low populations. This is exactly what I feared would happen due to the options offered to xfer/faction changes and it was inevitable, ultimately ending in BLizzards cry for help as people on most servers stopped making RBG's. Although, at the moment I am enjoying RBG's until the day I can no long start up one.

Do not implement any means of PuG's to be able to join in on RBG's, it's the most fun I've had in over 4 years, arena's were a flop to me, and Battlegroups (along with the honor system change) just annihilated that sense of hate and rivalry between people on the servers.

If I write anymore I think I'll be hitting the limit :)

P.S. - Restructuring a few classes would be swell, yo

P.S.S. - Can't wait to get D3 and start saving 15 bucks a month

P.S.S.S - It's almost 5 AM, What the fack am I doing on this forum.

tl dr: Bunnies are just to freakin' adorable!
Why do people complain about stuff but don't read what Blizz has to put out?

Q: Is it a possibility that the premade group requirement will be dropped from Rated Battlegrounds, allowing players to queue for a Random Rated Battleground? I'm sure many people would be ok with the inherent risk and disadvantage of grouping with random players for rated content if it meant they could at least make use of the rating system. – Gëtmastiffd (North America/ANZ), Kaymac (North America/ANZ)
A: If you take away the group requirements for Rated Battlegrounds, then you don’t have Rated Battlegrounds – you just have the same old Battlegrounds we’ve always had except they now reward the best loot in the game. We understand there are heavy logistical requirements to organizing teams – that is in part why the rewards are so good. We believe that if we just opened the doors to random queuing that the system would be less about organized teams competing against organized teams and more about the luck of whether you got a good team or not. You are much more optimistic than we are about how forgiving players would be when Blizzard ignorantly / cruelly stuck them in a team with one Prot paladin and six rogues with no resilience. Teams on the other hand have all the responsibility themselves. If they feel comfortable bringing an experienced player with sub-optimal gear, they can make that call. If they think a certain number of healers or particular comp is required, they can try to locate them. Most importantly, there is a leader with some level of power. If you ignore the leader and just do your own thing, the leader can choose to replace you.

This is our first stab at offering very powerful gear through Battlegrounds and it is going to take some tweaking to get right. We understand that some more casual players may have given up on the system and we want a chance to fix that. It’s possible we could require fewer players to form a team, such as merging two groups of 5 together – at least we’d know for sure that you had 2 healers and had put some thought into your comp. We could also put in some kind of browsing system to make it easier to find people looking for Rated Battlegrounds.

This is from Ask the Dev's #2 - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2267599521.
Sure this will keep the sub par players attracted of adding honor past the weekly conquest cap. But can you explain to me why a fully geared tier 2 player would have interest in this? If you want my suggestion on attracting some of the PvP aspected players to RBGs, I would suggest bringing back 15 mans and giving the option of doing 10 man or 15 man RBGs. I know many players that don't do RBGs due to the fact that 10 man AB is just simply maladjusted. Also perhaps, bring in a 5 man CTF map, this would bring much attention to the PvP community and any one on a 5v5 team for arena that has fun with it. I do like the idea of being able to PuG RBGs, but if you were to do so I would suggest adding brackets on it. Perhaps having a statistical requirement or / and current mmr of being allowed into brackets, IE: 1800 bracket, 1900 bracket, 2000 bracket etc.. in addition to that a class / spec requirement. Have the classes / specs the same for both teams and narrow the group mmr within 100 points of eachother.
Honor is pointless...why would anyone go into an RBG just to get honor after the conquest cap? Blizz, your teir system is terrible in pvp. Once you grind enough honor for all your teir1 stuff it becomes about as usefull as last nights condom....

Maybe you should look at why people arnt queing for RBG's instead of trying "incentivise" people to play things they dont want to...

just a thought
Can We have a Team Death Match For Battle gounds how awsome would that be where all u have to do is worry about getting the most kills. the first team to get a certain amount of kills wins

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