Rated BGs Now Award Honor at Conquest Cap

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We've recently made a change in an effort to promote continued play in Rated Battlegrounds. Now when a player is at their weekly Conquest cap they will receive the full amount of Honor from kills, objective completions, victories and losses while in a Rated Battleground match. Those not at their cap will continue to earn Conquest normally, and will only earn Honor once they reach their weekly cap.

Whether you’re capped and others on your team aren’t, or you’re all capped and just want to keep playing, we hope this change will allow more flexibility for those participating in Rated Battlegrounds.

I got a crazy idea. How about the balance the damn game and stop wasting the players time. Nerf Rogues, DK, frost mages, and etc. Then worry about a change like this.

K thx bye.
Only way to fix this is make PVP RBG's the same as PVE. Same number of Tanks/FC, DPS and Heals on boths sides... also ilvl restriction = res lvl restriction. Further...very quickly many players no longer need honor...why make us play 5 or 10 games only to win 1 for the daily 100 conquest? Why not reward top 5 horde with 50 conquest. That way we are not in a 20 to 30 min game for NOTHING. I pay to play...think I should be having fun..not wasting my time. This gives balance gear wise as well. In my experience, I lose 5 to 10 a day to win 1...this gives alliance better gear over horde in general and only makes things worse. At least with a conquest reward for those who are trying, you insure some sort of balance overall.

Last note: there should be a premade filter or flag. If I do not wish to be a victum of premades in rbg's I should have a right to filter this out like you do with active pvp non pvp in game. Something to think about I guess...
Hey just a quick theory if you allowed pug into RBGs then awarded rating based upon killing blows/objectives achieved rather then wins then implement a system which sets teams based upon similar ratings it would only take a few matches before weeding out the bots and afkers. I know this isn't perfect but its a dam sight better then trying to organise a RBG team in a pve or a low pop pvp realm. Or possibly 1 point per certain amount of dmg/healing done per match so as not to disadvantage heals.
give players individual ranks for random bg's and pair them off.

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