Kudos to the dev team for deciding to change the mastery stat and all of that, but I still think one of the issues with Ret is the horribly slow stacking of the censure dot. Usually it takes more than 15 seconds to reach 5 stacks, and with all the running around and switching targets you need to do in the current dungeons and raids, odds are you're not going to have the full 5 stacks up more than half the time, killing seal damage, censure damage, and judgement damage.

I think Censure should be redesigned to stack on all special attacks that deal weapon based damage as well as Judgements. This should help increase our raid DPS, even if just by a little, as well as address our slow ramp up time and help with our nonexistent burst.
Has anyone ran the calculations as to whether or not it's better to seal twist to SoR for trash and target-switching fights?
Is Censure supposed to stack this way? The tool tip says "Fills the Paladin with holy power, causing single-target attacks to Censure the target, which deals ((0.01 * holy power.0193 * AP) * 5 * 100 / 100) additional Holy damage over 15 sec." I'd imagine CS, TV, and Judgement should stack it considering they're all single target. Perhaps a bug?

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