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Took forever to get the sword!
You like like an angry, dark juggernaught who is ready to bash someone. I like it.
5 stars for color coodination.
5 stars for something that fits the race
5 stars for just looking like a bada$z!~.
8/10 dollar dollar bills green yall
7 / 10
03/02/2015 03:32 PMPosted by Xeiros
You like like an angry, dark juggernaught who is ready to bash someone

Wow thank you - i blushed a little......
03/02/2015 08:15 PMPosted by Abrahm


I like it!
that's mostly the blackhand xmog you get from warmill. 3/10
Something straight from fallout

6/10 not my style
You look like a paladin.

You also look like a paladin.
Yeah, a paladin with skulls and death written all over him. How the !@#$ do I look like a paladin? lol
7/10. Could be better, could be worse.
9/10 pretty solid transmog but only thing i don't like is the tabard for some reason.

I definitely dig the hooded helmet (plate needs more hoods and eyepatches in the worst way), and it incorporates cloth without looking too much like a Paladin. A little too orange-glowy for my taste, though.

Edit for Xmar since we posted at about the same time:

8/10 - Definitely a unique look and your Orc pulls it off well.
Im just here getting my toes wet in the enemies entrails.

@Mandude Eh not a fan of tier 9, even if you had the matching boots. Weapons look nice though 7/10

I like WotLK set's(clearly).
ooooooooooo pretty.

8/10 above. Seen it often, still good mog though /thumbs up.

I went for something rare hardly seen my self (if ever seen?) I call it 'the Three faces of death' mog, Don't know seemed fitting for me and well i like the result!
I like yours.


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