Darkmoon Faire Firebird challenge

Bug Report
Hoops not counting and speed buffs not applying. Work on this guys? This is FUN! and would be one of my favorite things if it worked right. Well, it's already one of my favorite things, but consistency would be nice! If I fly through a hoop I want the speed buff AND for the hoop to count!
I have had this happen on almost every alt I have done on in the last 2 days, they don't count, you get no buff then you have to re do it over and over , getting a few updates each time, even though you flew right in the dead center of each hoop.
I had trouble doing this yesterday. what seemed to help is to stop in the middle of the ring to be sure the buff applies a partial second later and then continue on. not the greatest.. especially if your next ring is quite a ways away, but it works more consistently doing it this way than just flying through and trusting the ring to automatically do what it's supposed to. flying through the rings on the actual alysrazor fight occasionally has the same issues.
I've noticed this consistently for the entire DMF across all my characters. Consistently the third ring over the main tent won't count as well as several others where I have to circle back to get the buff to renew.

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