Ubuntu-Linux Install guide (2015) WoW-v6.1

Technical Support
**Disclaimer** Running World of Warcraft (or any other Blizzard games) on linux is NOT supported by their technical staff. If you experience any technical problems they may be unable to assist you. Blizzard games are not designed to run on linux but here is how I play World of Warcraft on linux.

Installation method #1 for Ubuntu 14.04

a. working video drivers capable of direct 3D rendoring
b. Minimum hardware system requirements (drive space, RAM, etc..)
c. SUDO permissions or assistance from someone with an admin password

Step 1. Open Software sources and Enable everything except source code
Step 2. Click 'other sources' tab and then click the 'add' button for a new source
Step 3. Enter this text for the APT Line ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
Step 4. Close the software sources window
Step 5. Open a terminal by pressing <ctrl> + <alt> + <T>
Step 6. Issue the command sudo apt-get update
-enter your admin password when prompted
* if you do not have permissions to do this, contact your system admin (mom or dad)
Step 7. Wait for lots of lines across the screen, fix yourself a cup of coffee (1 to 5 mins)
Step 8. Issue the command sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
-select yes to install Microsoft-like fonts needed by many games
Step 9. Issue the command sudo apt-get install wine1.7
-select yes to install wine
Step 10. Issue the command winecfg
- this starts wine for the 1st time, and installs necessary packages like Gecko
- I change the default windows mode to windows-xp
Step 11. Download the blizzard installer
Step 12. Right click on the installer and select 'open with wine'
* battlenet installer fails for a number of reasons but downloads the exe program
Step 13. Open battlenet launcher again and it "should" run correctly this time
Once your game finishes downloading open the options and select 'run in 32 bit'
-failing to run in 32 bit will open WoW-64.exe followed by a system crash
Step 14. Click 'play", cross your fingers and your game "might" work.

Installation method #2
** If the battlenet download fails and you have access to a working World of Warcraft directory this method may get your running again.

Step 15 (only if the above method fails)
Plug an external hard drive into a computer that already has WoW installed.
Copy the entire "World of Warcraft" directory from that computer to the external drive.
-Go make a sandwich, it could be a while waiting on files to copy.
Safely eject the drive by right clicking on the USB-drive icon.

Step 16
Plug the external drive into your linux computer
Copy the "World of Warcraft" directory to /.wine/drive_c/Program Files(x86)/
* .wine is a hidden directory. To View it press <ctrl> + <H> with the file manager window open and you can browse the hidden files.
If you have finished your sandwich now is a good time to clean some dishes and wait for files to copy again.

Step 17
Once complete, open the battlenet launcher and let is search for your game. After locating your game select the option to "run in 32 bit mode" or your game will crash.

Happy Raiding,

Special thanks to Oku for awesomeness.
Good guide; hopefully we get a Linux client one day.
I just run windows for wow... cuz if there was a linux client, would never have windows here anymore ;P
Running WOW in linux with almost any problem!
when i do step 8 the prompt just says y
for miles of text. i waited for longer than 5 min even tried cancelling and retrying. What should i do?
Thanks heaps for this mate. Your a genius. The 32 bit was the only thing I hadn't already done. Thanks so much for putting the guide up :). Worked great. Ur a gem, thanks man :).

Edit: So redownloading it on my laptop, initially, before you can change it to 32 bit. You can follow the crash guide on http://www.webupd8.org/2014/09/how-to-install-world-of-warcraft-in.html, editing the dbghelp made it solid until i could get in and change the settings before the crash. Thanks again man :)
Is anyone having any problems with todays battle.net update?
My installation hangs at entering password to kick it off.
Details; Debian Jessie and running it under PoL(1.9.9) emulating Win7.
Managed to duck the problem last year and played a few chars on trial to test the installation and just when I re-subs and have a few days play; blam, dead in tracks.
this doesn't work anymore ;( im running Debian Jessie 8.5
I'm trying to do a Linux install since my desktop died, and the problem I'm having is the battle.net app crashing. If I had all the game files, I think I can get the game to run, login and authenticate myself in the game not the bnet client, but I don't see a way to get the full game files without the launcher. I'm trying to find someone with a desktop to transfer them off my desktop hard drive, but if anyone either knows a place, or is willing to share the files with me, I'll owe you big time and help you out however I can in game, since it looks like I need to bypass the launcher to play on linux, and for that I need all the game files.
I need the game files outside the launcher for a Linux install; my desktop with them died, I think I can get a Linux install running if I had the files to run wow-64.exe directly. If anyone knows where to get the data files and other game files, or willing to share yours, I'll help you out however I can and should be able to get the game running in linux.
The secret to the battle net app:

You have to wineconfig as XP. Then the battle net app runs fine.

So you run wowlauncher.exe , with wine, after you config wine as XP.

When its patched, you can go back and run wineconfig and set yourself as win 10 (or whatever) again for Wow and such.

Every time there is a new content patch, I have to do the above. It works great.

I've ran in Linux, ONLY, since the Burning Crusade expansion. Still running great! Of course, there have been several computer upgrades/OS upgrades in that time.

I currently am in opensuse 42.2.

The only hiccup recently, was when they broke OpenGL. So at the start of Legion I was running super great in OpenGl. Then Blizzard broke it with that first patch, so now in my wow settings its set as DX9 for graphics. All I really have to do is have lots of Wow settings lower, especially view distance (which I never really noticed looking better anyway; I have no need to see towers very far away.) By doing that, I can still have textures set high and get good FPS (good enough, anyway.)

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